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  1. Ford recalls 456K vehicles due to loss of drive power (undetected low battery issue); includes 2022-2023 Maverick Ecoboost & Hybrid

    I'm getting old, and the idea of taking off 17 fasteners to get access to the filter and drain plug just doesn't sound fun anymore. I'm hoping hybrid means only one oil change a year....
  2. Ford recalls 456K vehicles due to loss of drive power (undetected low battery issue); includes 2022-2023 Maverick Ecoboost & Hybrid

    Both my recalls were handled by their mobile service van, who came to my office and did the work. They also did my first oil change using their mobile service vehicle. FordPass points covered it, but I think the oil change was about $10-15 more vs. taking it to the dealership.
  3. Do I really need the XLT Lux package? 🧐

    XLT with luxury package benefit for the hybrid - with heated seats and steering wheel, I rarely have to turn on the heat in the truck until the temperature drops below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. So the gas engine will run less - at least that is what I seem to experience...
  4. Hot diggety dawg, my RC tonneau cover arrived!

    Exact some one I bought - I like the hard fold as you can put heavy objects on the cover when loading or unloading the tailgate, and you don't have to worry about damaging a soft cover. I got the factory spray in liner, and there are round rubber grommets that you pull out and you can run the...
  5. Any affordable Tonneau fold hard cover with good quality( no leakage) recommendation?

    Let me do so when I get home. I'll try to edit this post once I get the measurement. One other nice thing about a hard trifold - when you are unloading the bed, you can put items on it as a shelf and not worry about it not being able to hold the weight.
  6. Any affordable Tonneau fold hard cover with good quality( no leakage) recommendation?

    Rough Country trifold - it doesn't fold against the rear window, but it is easy to remove if you need the additional room. Mine is watertight - the only leakage I get into the bad because of the large gaps between the side of the tailgate and the fender sides, which the cover has no impact on...
  7. Tailgate Lettering Choices - opinions?

    So did I for my 2023 Area 51. They are high quality, and they are similar to the chrome bezel around the rear Ford emblem. They look great in the sun. Plus, chrome/polished stainless may come and go as far as the latest style, but it has managed to stay popular on vehicles since when, the...
  8. Upgrades to my area 51

    I also have a Rough Country trifold tonneau cover - love it. Nice result is you can put heavier items on it vs. a soft cover when loading and unloading through the tailgate.
  9. Heated Steering Wheel ❤️

    With heated seat and steering wheel, I don't have to turn on the heat until it is below 30 degree Fahrenheit.
  10. 2025 Maverick refresh and other rumors (from display manager at auto show)

    EPA requirements are based upon a formula using the wheelbase and track width. There is a reason the Maverick was made with as long of a wheelbase that it has. In the modern auto industry, the first priority of any manufacturer is to satisfy the various regulatory agencies - what the customer...
  11. SEAT COVERS ON SALE NOW!! February 2024

    Are any of these seat covers compatible with heated seats in the XLT luxury package? Oddly the ones on the Ford accessories website all say they are not. Thanks!
  12. What does all those cubbies and storages designed for?

    I use the little cubby by the screen to hold one of those "purse packs" of tissues, and napkins, etc. Easy to find if you need one due to a spill, etc.
  13. Should I wait for my ordered XL hybrid

    I waited 13 months to get the exact XLT Luxury package I wanted. Personally, I think it is worth waiting to get what you want, unless you think an XL hybrid will not be built.
  14. Would you buy hybrid again yes or no

    Besides my 2023 hybrid XLT, I've got a 2009 Toyota Prius with the original batteries and 160,000 miles. Gas mileage has dropped a little to around 42 mpg, but the hybrid system has been great. Worst case scenario, Greenbean will come to your house and install an entire lithium battery in the...
  15. Wipe out ford pass app and start over

    My dealer loaded it on my vehicle, and showed me how to use it. A few days later, I removed it from the truck. I have no interest in having my truck use up all my data.
  16. Recirculation feature

    Or, try to avoid buying new products, because it is impossible to buy any mass market items not full of 3rd world produced items. My car is 21 years old, so I had to buy something, and I was eligible for A-plan. The Maverick was literally the lowest priced passenger vehicle Ford sells in...
  17. Recirculation feature

    What's another "lowest bidder" part made with child labor in a 3rd world country?
  18. Defrosting on a hybrid

    I only need the heated seat and heated steering wheel for any temperatures above freezing. Since I park in a garage, typically I don't have to defrost the windshield, though I do have the heated wiper feature as well that helps with that as well.
  19. My 2024 XL hybrid is up for grabs in SoCal

    It has the rare 2.5L hybrid turbocharged engine, per the description. Should be worth a fortune...
  20. Maverick Improvements

    Probably the tail light "safety" program update....