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  1. So I traded in the Maverick for a 2020 Malibu

    Actually, the wife is taking over the Maverick as her daily and i'm taking her Malibu. I do like the Maverick but I just prefer cars. Maverick stays in the family and glad it's there. It just won't be my every day vehicle. 😁
  2. Received a refund check from Ford

    $484, something about price protection. Ordered my 2023 Maverick last year in October and received it 6 months later. If there was a price change in between i wasn't aware of it. It was a nice surprise.👍
  3. Do 20s fit on Maverick?

    Nothing that i'm interested in doing right away as my maverick has only 400 miles on it. Down the road when it's time to replace the tires i'd consider bigger wheels though. So.....20s fit or not?
  4. Anyone else feels Maverick steering is a bit "heavy"?

    Ok, so day 3 of owning a Maverick and overall more than happy with the vehicle. One thing i did notice is how heavy the steering is. It takes much more effort than any other recent vehicle i owned.....
  5. Received pricing for the ordered Maverick

    MSRP is $29280. Out the door price $31025. Sales tax around here is 6%. Needles to say, i'm very happy with the numbers. Truck should be at the dealership this week.