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  1. DRL as Turn Signal at 100% - No Low Beam - Working. (XL/XLT)

    Quick aside: There is a lot of confusion on what a DRL is. A DRL is "daytime running light." It doesn't have to be its own light (think lariat), a DRL can be a signal, a low beam, a high beam at 50% (like some vehicles, but I hate that - so blinding haha). In Canada, we do not have the DRL menu...
  2. Side Curtain Air Bag Recall

    Anyone get the letter in the mail about the curtain air bags that need to be recalled? There isn't a part or fix yet, and they will send another letter when a fix is available. But I am sure this would stop mavs from being delivered until parts are available.
  3. 2023 Lariat FINALLY comes with Hybrid

    Love my mav, but not having keyless entry (pull handle etc), push button, adaptive cruise and lane keep was a let down for me. great news, new for 23!
  4. Why I bought Mav: Motorcycles.

    Main reason for purchase was to move my motorcycles. So far it has full XPEL PPF Full Hood/Fender, Headlights, Bumper, A pillar, Roofline - Ceramic Coat the rest of it. Fits Honda Grom Tail Gate up, rest is gate down (22 SDR EVO + 701 Supermoto). Unfortunately couldn't snap 701 in the bed as...
  5. Finally! Hybrid delivery (Canada) + Initial Build Pics

    5 days shy of 11 months. Loaded xlt hybrid (would’ve gone lariat but not avail!)
  6. (CANADA) Stop Sale: Hybrid at Rail Head

    Please read the title before posting, this is for CANADA! My mav has been at the Calgary rail head for 7 weeks now. Ford rep for my dealer in western Canada says the truck is on a stop sale and not being shipped to the dealer. What I find interesting is - that there is a fix for this recall...
  7. Crazy Canadian Markups

    Im not complaining - I didn’t pay a mark up, but someone will - hence why they do it. anyways - a local dealer has one of the biggest Canadian markups I’ve seen 15k. Insane!
  8. FordPass Alexa Skill - Not in Canada?

    I searched google, and no concrete answer. Searched the Alexa app and the online amazon.ca skill store. Ford simply doesn't exist. Has anyone seen a press release, or a reason why, Canada doesn't get the Ford Pass Alexa Skill? I want to yell at random tech and turn on the truck!
  9. First Maverick in Calgary, Alberta? XL 4K EB @ Crowfoot Ford

    My friend texted me (he works in the shop), they PDI’d their first Maverick late last night. This is Ford in NW Calgary. I took it out today. Drives like a small SUV, great size. Lots of room inside (6’2”) for me. The bed is smaller in person, that is for sure. It’s an XL, 4K, EB, 360 CoPilot...