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  1. New third Key Buttons not working!

    So I just programmed a third key fob with the remote stat button for My maverick and it does indeed start the ignition and the programming said successful but the lock, unlock, alarm system buttons are not working! Should I try programming it again? My Maverick says I have 3 admin keys now. The...
  2. Sawtooth Stretchable Tonneau Cover

    Here are some pictures of the Sawtooth stretchable Tonneau cover on my Ford Maverick. Install was easy. Rolling it up and securing it is easy. You can take out the two support pillars easily. This allows you to cover objects that are much taller than the height of the bed! I really like it! :clap:
  3. Wrong Battery Coding from the Factory?

    I have not tested this coding below or changed battery target state of charge in forscan yet because I have not had any battery issues on my 2024 yet. "knock on wood" But I came across this coding in the BCM that just doesn't seem correct. It is the same for all Ford Mavericks.. The factory...
  4. FDRS Capabilities and Ideas

    FDRS is the software Ford Dealerships use for Programming and Diagnosis on all Fords (specifically 2018+). I am using the VXDIAG VCXNANO OBD2 ADAPTER for FORD. It is $125 on Amazon. You must install VX MANAGER to install the driver for this OBD2 ADAPTER so it works for FDRS. I also bought a 2...
  5. 🤓 Setting up FDRS and Programming Wireless Keypad

    Hey everyone! I have come to the conclusion that if you add the wireless battery powered keypad you must use FDRS (or go to the dealer, it will probably be cheaper)! I have never used FDRS but I figured I would give it a try! I bought a two day subscription for $50 on motorcraftservice.com...
  6. Headlight Switch Coding to "Last Known"

    Hello everyone, Here's the MASTERLIST I have been working on. Any suggestions would be great! I just discovered a way to make the headlight switch go to "the last know position" rather than always defaulting to AUTO. Here are the instructions below.
  7. Installed Key Fob Remote Start -- My Favorite Mod Yet for XL / XLT / Lariat

    Hey Everyone, I recently installed the "Ford Perimeter Plus with Remote Start" kit on my 2024 Ford Maverick XL and it is AWESOME! Here is the Part Number KN1Z-19A361-A. The install was super easy and worked without any coding changes necessary. The remote start from the key fob is much faster...
  8. ULTIMATE FORSCAN Ford Maverick Spreadsheet (MASTERLIST) 🗒️

    Hey Everyone, I have compiled all of the known/working Forscan Modifications onto one spreadsheet. Thank you to all of the Forum Members that helped make this possible! I will be updating this spreadsheet periodically if more coding changes are found! Let me know what changes or fixes I can...
  9. Will these wheels/tires fit or not?

    I am curious if the "NEW SETUP" picture below is going to be too close to the Maverick's Suspension Components! Someone out there let me know if this will be ok or not!

    Hey everyone, I found this coding that changes the picture of your Maverick in the 4 inch cluster to a picture of a Ford Focus! Although it's useless, I thought it was pretty funny! I tried all the variants and only 0, 1 and 2 make any changes! Here's the coding and a picture below! FOCUS...
  11. Can a Lariat owner test this coding?

    I am curious if you can enable turn by turn nav in your cluster. I was not able to but I thought maybe lariat owners could because the lariat has SYNC. UPDATE CONFIRMED TO WORK by @TheShark @ryan2366 on 6.5 inch and 12 inch cluster (lariat only).

    So Donut Media just released a cool video where they reviewed the f150-f750 in real world scenarios. Here is a LINK to the video! I was kind of disappointed not to see the Maverick or the Ranger in the video so I added the Maverick to their chart! Here’s the comparison picture! lol!
  13. Mountune Magnetic Oil Drain Plug (IT FITS)

    Here is the link to the drain plug! It fits and works great. I just installed it on my Maverick. There is also a video of Panda Motorworks installing it on YouTube.
  14. Apple CarPlay OBD2 Display App

    Im using the Carista (wireless bluetooth ELM327 adapter) with a wireless CarPlay adapter (CPLAY2air) and the OBD FUSION app on IPHONE to achieve live data reading on multiple adjustable screens while driving. Here's a picture below. EDIT: To adjust what you're seeing on CARPLAY you need to go...
  15. Unlocking More Hidden Features for 4 inch Cluster using FORScan

    Hey everyone! So I have just been digging through this Maverick Hex Code Spreadsheet (mostly the IPC section) and I found a few more useful coding changes for the 4 inch Cluster in addition to my ORIGINAL THREAD. I will list the coding and pictures below. ENABLE OR DISABLE PHONE, AUDIO AND NAV...
  16. I need some help testing some codings on the 6.5inch Cluster or Hybrids!

    Hey everyone, I want to make this thread to get some help in testing some codings that DO NOT work on my 4 inch cluster but MIGHT work on the 6.5inch Cluster or codings that are specifically for Hybrids. CODINGS TO TRY
  17. FORScan Coding to make your 4 inch Cluster look COOLER AND LAUNCH CONTROL

    Hey everyone! I just found a coding to enable the Ford Performance MYVIEW digital speedo on the 4 inch instrument cluster. I also found a coding to make it your default MYVIEW screen so you don't have to keep switching back to it every time you go for a drive. THIS CODING ONLY WORKS ON THE...
  18. Coding to Disable the Door and/or Key CHIME

    Hey Everyone! I have found and tested two more codings that work for My 2024 Ford Maverick XL AWD ECOBOOST. These two changes share the same line of coding. Thanks again to @ZOODAD for the coding information that he has compiled for THE SUPER DUTY SPREADSHEET . DISABLE DOOR CHIMES 1. IPC AS...
  19. FINALLY, FORScan coding to disable the Seatbelt Information Screen! (CONFIRMED WORKING)

    Hello everyone! EDIT: CHECK OUT MY OFFICIAL FORSCAN MAVERICK SPREADSHEET HERE! I finally found the way to disable the ANNOYING Seatbelt information screen that comes on when you start the truck and stays on even after you buckle your seatbelt. Thank you to @ZOODAD over on the F250 forums for...