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  1. Ohio FITS trash can & dividers

    Got a FITS kit with some bed crossbars I purchased and not using all the items. Have the items pictured left and will sell all together or will separate. $15 for trash can or cup holder, $10 for both under seat dividers. Can pickup in or near Athens, Ohio or will ship at buyers expense. Cup...
  2. Wheel swapping & TPMS question?

    Swapped out my XLT rims and tires with a set of steelies last friday. picked up the rims/tires from a member here who sold his maverick. The TPMS picked up the new wheels before I got out of the parking lot of the tire shop and worked fine until Tuesday afternoon. Got a TPMS fault message but it...
  3. Oil filter and drain plug location on hybrid?

    Had planned to cut access panels on shield under engine for oil changes. Wondering if filter and drain plug are in same location on both engines? I Have template for hole locations on the ecoboost motor?
  4. no sound from radio this morning?

    no sound from the radio this morning? pushed the "mute" button on the wheel and on the radio several times to see if that was it? Screen working and displayed, just no sound? Going to run out at lunch and try a reset and see if that does anything
  5. 23 Area 51 ecoboost available

    Donwood ford in Athens has a 23 XLT ecoboost on the lot They’re selling at MSRP You can ask for Trev Oliver if you call, he will take good care of you looks like it's a special order that was refused https://www.donwoodford.com/searchnew.aspx?Year=2023&Make=Ford&Model=Maverick
  6. Cleaning all weather floor mats?

    Anyone want to share their method of cleaning the all weather floor mats? Soap and water seems to still leave them dingy looking when they dry Looking for recommendations from the group
  7. MY2024 Maverick colors?

    snooping around the Ford build site for the Maverick, 5 colors for the XL(WH,BLK,GRY,HPR,Atlas BL) , 9 for the XLT, and Lariat (add Carbon Grey, Azure Grey, Terrain, and Silver). Seems strange not offering same color for all 3 models. Do like the look of the Terrain color though
  8. Ohio license fee?

    Renewed tags this morning. Daughters hybrid was extra $100 Mavericks tags were same as my beater F150, no extra $100 that I was expecting on it?
  9. Inexpensive center console storage

    using a scrap piece of 1/4" plywood, wood glue, some clamps, and leftover plastic dip, was able to put together box to help with storage in the center console. Sits on top a plywood X that provides storage spaces underneath. It's where I keep the owners manual also, happy with the way it turned...
  10. Door handle (panel) extra storage?

    Wondering if anyone has tried these yet? if so, how they are working out? Haven't been able to find the Mabett ones available anywhere, but have seen similar on Amazon and Ebay. THANKS
  11. Navy Pier color match?

    I'll be on my 3rd color try today, fingers crossed this one matches better, but just in case....Has anyone found a rattle can paint (brand & color) that matches the Navy Pier Interior dash/door color really well? Looking to match it for some FITS 3d printed items. thank you
  12. Ford pass app - adding service records?

    Is anyone using the Ford pass app to add DIY service records? I get the info entered but can't get it to "save" ????
  13. Ohio 3d printed items

    My son is just getting started with 3d printing and I had him make some items for the Maverick. These are done with a resin printer. I have used paint and plasti-dip on them without issues. Prices don’t include postage 12v bed cover $3.50 Under seat dividers $7/pr FITS receiver $6 FITS plug...
  14. Bedrug cut to fit?

    Anyone get one of the cut to fit bed rugs? Found a guy with some NIB for $25 on FB marketplace. Says they're $95 from amazon. Wondering what folks think if anyone has this item. BMX00D is the model number
  15. Two in 24 hours 😳

    Since I picked up my truck on 10/1, I had only seen three others (two at the dealership and one a guy at work bought) until yesterday. Maverick work truck passed me yesterday (sorry, pic is terrible) and seen one at harbor freight today. Guy said it was his 2nd maverick, he’s had it since July...
  16. Aftermarket Ford nz6t-12663?

    Had anyone located place to get 12v bed connectors other than thru fordparts or dealership? Not wanting to pay thru the nose for an extra one (would like to have two actually)
  17. do different trim levels have different displays?

    Wondering if the dash displays are different for the different trim levels? I can tell this pic is a hybrid, but I've not been able to replicate the display shown below on my XLT, wondering if this is something only for the XL or Lariat trim levels? (Just a pic I grabbed, not a video)
  18. MY23 Hybrid FYI

    I have a 22 Hybrid XLT that I lucked into (someone else's order they didn't want) after placing an order for a MY23. I ordered the 23 with the options I wanted back in September, but recently asked the dealer to add Co-Pilot 360 after I found out what it has done for my insurance rates. He sent...
  19. accessories install help

    found this website with instructions for the maverick accessories, https://www.motorcraftservice.com/InstructionSheets/Get
  20. Locking lugs?

    Traded in 2018 escape when I picked up the truck, there were locking lugs on the SUV that I removed and put up and didnt go with the trade. Wonder if these fit the maverick?