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  1. Another Speaker Upgrade

    If you are using coaxial speakers in the front doors are you getting the high frequency range from the coaxial tweeters? Some think the signal being sent to the front doors is not a full range signal. Thanks
  2. Another Speaker Upgrade

    So all you did was replace the rear pillar and front door speakers with coaxial speakers? Plus you left the oem dash tweeters too....right? Did you run the new speakers off the headunit or an amp? Thanks
  3. Water leak into cabin from Cowl

    Sorry to hear about this issue. What year is your maverick? Does anyone know where and what to look for on the cowl that may be the culprit of these leaks?
  4. Alternate tweeter locations?

    Thank you for explaining it in detail....now I get it. Thanks
  5. Alternate tweeter locations?

    I know the front stage would be comprised. My main question was why would you use need a resistor if you remove the dash tweeter? Thanks
  6. Alternate tweeter locations?

    Why would an appropriate resistor need to be used if the stock tweeters are removed? I don't understand completely? Couldn't I just unhook the dash tweeter and run a coaxial speaker in the front door getting a full signal?
  7. Music sound quality over 20 volume

    That is awesome. You did exactly what I plan on doing but I plan on using ABS plastic. I'm sorry but I don't know how to DM you directly....please advise that process. Thanks
  8. Music sound quality over 20 volume

    Awesome.....thanks. were you able to drop down new wire on the driver side dash tweeter easily too? Where on the oem front speaker wire does the tweeter wire connect to the front door speaker wire? Did the Morel tweeters just drop into the oem tweeter location or was there alot of modifications...
  9. Music sound quality over 20 volume

    Interesting. I'm about to start my audio upgrade. I have a kenwood kac-m1814 4 channel amp that I'm gonna use to power my speakers. I saw that hoel company offers a plug and play harness as does a company named LC something or other. My system is gonna be a basic one.....components up front and...
  10. Music sound quality over 20 volume

    What plug and play harness were you using? Did you find the reason it was causing the issues?
  11. Alternate tweeter locations?

    Focal auditor evo series or just the auditor series? That is one of the brands I'm looking at. I already have a kenwood kac-m1814 4 channel amp for everything.
  12. Alternate tweeter locations?

    Could you post a few pics of the tweeters in the door sail panels? What brand of tweeters did you go with? Thanks
  13. Alternate tweeter locations?

    I'm gonna replace all the speakers with most likely morel maximo ultra mkII coaxial speakers. My main concern is whether or not to leave the dash tweeters connected or not. Since I will be running coaxial speakers up front. I don't want some screwed up imaging up front if I leave the dash...
  14. Alternate tweeter locations?

    What coaxial speakers did you go with? How and were did you disconnect the dash tweeters from? Are you using an amp with your new front door speakers? How is the imaging of the highs with the new tweeters lower in the door? Sorry about all the questions. I'm gonna be doing my sound system soon...
  15. Base stereo system speaker ohm load question

    Hello. I've had my maverick for a month now. I've been wreaking my brain on the Base audio system. I know the front door speakers and the dash tweeters are wired in parallel. I know the door speaker is 4 ohm and the tweeter is 8 ohm. That makes a final ohm load of 2.67 ohms. Does that mean the...
  16. Help identify part# door sails

    I'm still not 100% sold on putting a component speaker system up front. I'm having a hard time finding the ohm load capability of the base stock headunit. The front stage in its oem setup sends 2.67 ohms (if my math is correct) to the headunit. Given that the door speakers and tweeters are wired...
  17. Installed new Kicker speakers in my Maverick XL Hybrid. It was a little project.

    Good install. Did you disconnect the tweeters in the dash? It is said that if you put coaxial speakers in the front doors you unhook the dash tweeters to get proper sound imaging.
  18. Help identify part# door sails

    Funny my driver side one did the exact thing explained in this thread. Now I need new clips and/or new sails. I was exploring for tweeter placement. I realized after the fact that with the warm temp outside and not using a trim tool why it happened. The plastics are very soft to begin with and...
  19. Does ford put break in oil in the 2.0l

    I think I'm gonna still change the oil in another 750 miles. That way I will get out most of the factory oil. Then I will go 4k between oil changes. The color of the oil just caught me by surprise that's all. I've owned many new cars and have worked in the car oil changing business for atleast...
  20. Does ford put break in oil in the 2.0l

    The uv dye is for the AC system. I don't think you need a uv dye to see a oil leak....atleast I don't need it. You usually can see a oil leak with the naked eye. I could be wrong though. Car manufacturers have done weird stuff in the past. Lol