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  1. New Wrap: matte gunmetal + matte black

    I love it! What’s the suspension and wheel and tire set up?
  2. Lane's Dark Soul XL Build (lowered w/ Silver's, 19" wheels, Zep BAP, audio...)

    I’m loving this build, were you ever able to complete the write up on the installation of the Silvers by chance?
  3. Rear Door 'Shower' ☂️

    It’s one of the things I find super annoying lol
  4. Apple CarPlay stopped giving voice directions

    This happened to me before, I had to tap the screen when I was viewing the map then tap the speaker icon. It turned off all the voice prompts by itself.
  5. HOT PEPPER RED Maverick Photos / Club

    I finally got to pick mine up last night, 2024 Lariat BAP Ecoboost. Loving this little truck so far!
  6. Lowered 2023 Maverick on coilovers + 20" wheels / tires

    That looks really good!
  7. New Ford Maverick Lighting Kits by Diode Dynamics | 1/18/24

    If I didn’t want to use the backlighting option, can I just clip the wires off the harness?
  8. Ford.com and FordPass not working today?

    Looks like site maintenance
  9. NEW Ford Maverick Lighting Kits | Release 1/18/24 | Diode Dynamics

    I’m excited to see what you are releasing, I had the Elite series Fog lights on my 15 Explorer and loved them!!
  10. Anyone have their status go from built to shipped after 12/24?

    Mine was built on the 23rd and it finally shows shipped as of yesterday 1/5