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  1. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    Can this installation be made using ramps and crawling under the front of the truck?
  2. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    Are installation instructions available?
  3. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    Just to request clarification...this replaces the felt splash guard cover under the truck. The part that Ford drilled holes in. Right?
  4. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    Can I test fit for the hybrid?
  5. Larger tires for XLT Hybrid

    I put defender2 235/65/r17 on my hybrid. I don't think that it makes a difference in the mpg, except for the extra weight. They've been great so far. Recommended.
  6. Tremor on the beach

    The maverick is a GREAT beach vehicle.
  7. Hard Jackhammer effect during ICE-> Electric transition sometimes

    I'm sorry that you're having this issue. For me, the PCM flash eliminated all occurrences, so I'd first check that that was in fact completed. Here's a YouTube video of a Prius repair (similar hybrid tech). Look around 1:30 for a demonstration of what the sound actually is. That said, it...
  8. Hybrid question: can you start the ICE independently?

    Above answers are correct. Sport and tow haul run ICE any time car is moving forward. When in park ICE usually shuts off for me in these modes. Pressing accelerator pedal while in park will start engine. I remember doing so after oil change before. I didn't think it's harmful to use...
  9. Tremor on All Season instead of All Terrain tires

    I have a hybrid, so I can't speak to tires on a tremor, but I have defender 2's on my maverick and I think they're great. Also, I think the weight plays a big role in the mpg, maybe more than tread.
  10. Where to get this part?

    Part arrived today. Seems to be a good fit.
  11. Where to get this part?

    Thanks guys. I ordered this: Auveco # 22058 Fits Ford Push-Type Retainer, Black Nylon. Qty 10. https://a.co/d/giZyBn Supposed to be a 10 pack. I'll let you know if it fits in a couple weeks.
  12. Where to get this part?

    Picture says it all. Thank you in advance to helpful replies!
  13. Do you think the Toyota Stout is going to be better than the Maverick

    Better in what respect? Build quality, probably. Price, probably not. Value, toss up. It probably depends on who you talk to. Truck stuff, maybe. I don't know enough to say. Stuff that most of us use our trucks for (car stuff) probably not. Durability, probably. Prius' have proven...
  14. How many hybrid owners enjoy focusing on the terrain angle to maximize their sailing ability?

    I'm a cruise control man. Any speed above 20mph and the cruise is on. 😁. I usually get between 40-50mpg. Driving became easier when I realized that people are only in the way if you're trying to go faster than them. Right hand lane, speed limit, audiobooks. Driving the good life.
  15. Ford maverick XLT 2022 loss power.

    Should be under warranty...get that thing back to the dealer!