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  1. Tremor on the beach

    (2023 FX4) it's done well on the sand the few times I've taken it out at South Padre (lots soft sand). It's managed to power through, even when someone pulled in front of me and forces me to stop or drop to 2-3 mph. That said, I'm waiting for the time I end up getting stuck, since it's been...
  2. Hybrid owners that had the computer update recalls. Any issues afterward?

    I haven't been on the forum in a while. Is this mainly an issue on the hybrids, or the gas guzzlers as well?
  3. Should you buy a Ford Maverick Bed Extender? (Owner Review Video)

    I was leaning towards one, mainly for internal control (groceries and such), but that 2 x 6 across the back slots does a great job and I haven't even onsidered a bed extender since.
  4. USB Type C No Longer Working

    Any updates on this issue? My c port went to charge only to not working in the span of 30 min (and was working fine the day before). The a also doesn't work (no connection or charge) today. How long was it in the dealer, and did it require a wait for the parts?
  5. A few days at the beach with the Maverick (driving in soft sand)

    Just to be clear, no airing down the tires at all? Did you consider airing down at any point?
  6. Poor bluetooth call quality

    Had mone for 6 mos, XLT. I've had a few times where there have been complaints about the noise, but that was usually at 60mph+ (80kph?) with strong crosswinds. Usually at highway speeds (60 to 80 mph), no complaints.
  7. NTTA Toll Tags

    I registered mine with Central Texas toll folks as "other". At one point, it appeared as a heavy duty truck, but is now back to other. Still don't have the sticker on, since the plate readers get me.
  8. Lariat FX4 Review - Driven Aggressively On and Off-Road

    Thanks for pointing out the video. He gave it good marks and really liked it. I didn't hear anything new (for us), but a good review. I loved seeing his aggressive driving and finally seeing the mav in some looser and deeper sand. Gives me more confidence for when I finally take it to the...
  9. The Texas Mavericks!

    I saw a black 2.0 heading towards Mission on 107 this last weekend. It's the only one I've seen on the roads so far (other than my own). I still get the occasional person asking about the truck.
  10. The Texas Mavericks!

    Mine was a regular, gas truck. It seemed to arrive a little sooner than others around the country. I think they're coming in from Del Rio, so, for once, we're not as far behind. P.S. if I don't get one for Christmas, I'm definitely putting on a Texas edition badge!
  11. Any Texas deliveries?

    Is yours a drop ship? The Spikes people won't do the registration, if so (even for a fee). That said, it took 20 minutes to get my plates at a tax office substation (Hackberry near McColl).
  12. The Texas Mavericks!

    I don't recall the exact time line, but it arrived about 2 weeks before Ford's expected delivery date on the tracker. I order through Chapman to deliver to Spikes. Didn't dive it much until I got the front clear wrapped b/c 83. It's been a week as my daily and I like it. Lots of pep, for...
  13. Any Texas deliveries?

    If it was white, that was mine. I know there are at least a few around, but haven't seen any.
  14. Does anyone know how long it realistically takes for the maverick to be built after is says In Production?

    Less than a week, from what I've seen here and for my own. Preparing for delivery and transport will take longer.
  15. Ford Letter to Hybrid Order Holders -- nearly sold out for 2022 + free FITS Accessory Kit

    I thought they were giving some basic ones tonevrry order. That's the impression I had from watching their statements at the pre-shows.
  16. The Texas Mavericks!

    If you look at your window sticker, on the top it said "rail" (or something similar). Not sure if that will change when the truck is unloaded to the car haulers. Then, the "pizza tracker" showed shipped.
  17. The Texas Mavericks!

    Same, but white. On the train for delivery.
  18. 2023 Maverick list - 3% under invoice with @dealersider

    I had called Ford to confirm a while back that, despite showing Chapman, it did have my local dealer as the delivery location. Given the silence, I have no idea if it's still on track for local delivery or not. I'm gonna send another email....
  19. 2023 Maverick list - 3% under invoice with @dealersider

    Just had a tracker update showing mine has shipped. However, I still haven't heard from Chapman or my local CD person. No idea where this truck is even going.
  20. What'd you put in dash Cubby Hole (space next display screen)?

    I was wondering about the deep pocket on the front door for that