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  1. Should I... trade a 2023 XL hybrid for a 2024 XL ecoboost

    I'm getting about 25 mpg in my Tremor. Mostly around town but some highways and 2 lane state roads. Wouldn't you want AWD being in Minnesota? I love my EB and wouldn't trade it for a hybrid, but that's me. Do the math and do what's best for you. You could buy an extended warranty, if that makes...
  2. Sawtooth Stretchable Tonneau Cover

    Would you happen to have any shots from the side? Is it necessary to have the supports to keep it taught or can you take them out so it's flat across? It would look nicer without the supports running across it, imo. But it still looks fine. I think I want one. 😬
  3. Sawtooth Stretchable Tonneau Cover

    That's neat how it stretches so much. People are going to want to know, so I'll ask for them...how much and where'd you get it? Looks interesting, thanks for sharing. :like: I'm definitely putting this one on the short list.
  4. When Can I Order a 2025 Maverick?

    Probably won't be able to order until September, at least that was when I was able to order my 2023. :clap:
  5. Phonetography: Show your best camera phone pics - Mavericks ONLY!😝

    My camera is not so great because like myself, my phone is cheap. 😬
  6. Deleted Thread

  7. Deleted Thread

    I'd like to take this opportunity to post some random pictures of my truck. And my new cat. And this place. Not sorry 😐
  8. Matte Black and Red Stripes Accent Wrap

    Love it! Looks fantastic and you can change it if you get bored of it. Now get those front windows tinted and you'll really be styling. :like:
  9. I got one.

    Welcome! Nice truck. That's my new favorite color. Wish they had it when I ordered my Tremor. Congrats, hope you sort out the rattles :like: I love the pic of the old Maverick. My great grandfather drove one of those back in the 70s. He was born in 1892 and that was his last car. I can still see...
  10. How do you determine tongue weight?

    A car plus a 16' trailer must be over 4000 lbs, no? Even with the 4k tow package, that seems like a lot for the Maverick.
  11. My DIY camper shell

    A Chevy decal on a Ford truck. Is that allowed? 😬 It's a great looking rig. Congrats and hope you get much enjoyment from it.
  12. What Collision Deductible did you select for you Maverick?

    Mine is $1000. I know a few guys with body shops and have never actually had to pay a deductible. They just work it into the estimate. Aside from that, $1000 is what I'm comfortable with having to pay. Do what works for you.
  13. Can’t go any longer. 20’ wood

    I know a guy who was miffed with me when I declined to transport a 24' x 6" board with my Mav for him. He said we could just put blankets on the roof. :cautious:
  14. How much mulch have you hauled?

    9 mulches. I've hauled 9 mulches and could have hauled 9 more. 😬
  15. My 2024 Ranger XL Arrvied Today...

    Trust your instincts (y)
  16. My 2024 Ranger XL Arrvied Today...

    Why didn't you take the Ranger? I would have bought a new Ranger over a Maverick, but the Maverick was $10k cheaper and I'm a tight wad. 😬
  17. Tire PSI on delivery

    The tires are over inflated for transport. The dealership is supposed to correct the pressure during the pre-delivery preparations. Obviously, they didn't do that. Neither did my dealership. My Falkens are currently at 35 to 37 psi on any given day, depending on the temperature. I would...
  18. Spring BLAST! Win up to $200 by Sharing Your Lasfit Air Compressor Experience! 🌿🚗💰

    Jeez. I couldn't do all that if I wanted to. 😬
  19. Mud flap compatibity w/ Air Design Fender Flares

    I like the tailgate spoiler, but I'm afraid it would get broken. The cab spoiler is pretty cool, too.
  20. Mud flap compatibity w/ Air Design Fender Flares

    I'm going to get the Air Design, but with my points and a 20% site discount, it'll be less than $400. The Mabett and others just don't do it for me. It's worth the extra money, imo. 🤑