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  1. To moonroof or not to moonroof. That is the question

    Sunroof tilted open with the back glass open on a 65 degree day feels incredible. I’m very happy I ordered that with that option
  2. Revolver X4s top weather stripping issues

    if I can keep the part closest to the cab dry that’s all I’m worried about, trips to the beach/mountains with light luggage is more my concern, with the biggest concern of course, my golf clubs lol. Hopefully the sealant will keep er 99 percent dry.
  3. Revolver X4s top weather stripping issues

    im doing this tomorrow, for a while I couldn’t tell where the leak was coming from but found it today after doing a little water test on it with the cover off. Will probably still have a little leakage around the tailgate but I can live with that
  4. Finally got my EB Lariat with blackout

    Looks great with the BAP. I have the same color Lariat. Enjoy!
  5. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    Now im intrigued. We’ll definitely be interested in this.
  6. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    Does this one also have to be removed to do oil changes? If so, one that allows that option would be more beneficial.
  7. Music sound quality over 20 volume

    Over 20?? I’ve never went over 10 I think that’s plenty loud enough. You guys are bumpin those speakers lol
  8. My 2024 Maverick Lariat!

    Looks awesome. I love the BAP but I was to sold on the desert brown interior instead and couldn’t do both. Enjoy!
  9. inside noises

    I have a little tick or faint thumping noise which sounds like it’s coming from above my head close to the sunroof, I only really hear it when the headboard is slid open. Couldn’t tell ya what it is though.
  10. Easiest way to remove FX4 sticker

    I took mine off my power stroke with a drill and rubber wheel attachment but that was on an older truck obviously. A heat gun gets pretty hot even on low setting I’d use a hair dryer before that.
  11. Moving to Phoenix can the maverick handle it?

    To go along with that. I’ve been out West to Vegas a couple times and 100 degree days don’t feel the same as they do in the south. I live about 3 hours from the coast and the months of July and August when the humidity is 100 percent it makes you wanna cry lol
  12. Moving to Phoenix can the maverick handle it?

    Agreed. A sun shade is very beneficial. Couple that with some good tint of your choice and the interior will be ok. I got a sun shade a couple weeks ago and it’s so noticeable how much cooler the interior is.
  13. Keyfob Proximity - different between models?

    i noticed that to a few days ago and I was annoyed because at first I didn’t know why I kept hearing it lock and unlock lol
  14. Keyfob Proximity - different between models?

    I have a Lariat and Ill have to say that’s one of the more nicer features I’ve noticed and enjoyed so far.
  15. Road debris protection for intercooler

    I’d be surprised if it really made that much of a difference especially at cruising or highway speeds. Just my opinion obviously. That piece of mesh still has pretty decent size holes in it. Now if he was using window screen or something I could see that being more of an issue.
  16. Got my girl some new shades... 20% tint front windows + 35% windshield tint

    If you’re pissin on electric fences that sounds like a you problem not a me problem. I’ll take my chances with my dark tint as I enjoy the benefits of it, no different than bikers and pedestrians taking the same risk when they walk and or ride on public roads. Something they have to “factor” in.
  17. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    I love it, really fits my needs. I didn’t even know these existed until about middle of last year. Stumbled upon it just browsing through a consumer report magazine. Noticed the reasonable price and inquired about one with my local Ford. Long story short I put an order in last August and picked...
  18. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    24 Fx4 Lariat owned exactly one month. 1100 miles
  19. Got my girl some new shades... 20% tint front windows + 35% windshield tint

    I’d be willing to put some coin on the percentage of cyclists or pedestrians getting hit by a car because of window tint being very low. People being on their cell phones while driving is a WAY bigger issue than window tint.