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  1. Your Results From Private Party Sales

    I do but am not really concerned about that. Ive sold and bought private a few times and understand the process. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on whether private buyers for the Mav seem to be willing to take a slight discount from a private seller compared to paying slightly more...
  2. Your Results From Private Party Sales

    Has anyone had any luck with selling to (or buying from) a private party? Looking to sell mine and wonder if the private market is more lucrative than selling to retailers. I know the real answer is "it depends", but I'm curious if others have first hand experience to share.
  3. Maverick is like a Flex

    If you can get past the looks, vehicles of that style and minivans might be the most practical consumer vehicles on the road. There's not much you can't do in one. Outside of towing and off-roading, more practical than most trucks and SUVs
  4. Anyone sold their 2023 Maverick over MSRP?

    What was MSRP on yours (before taxes and fees)? Mine is scheduled to be built at the end of the month and am trying to decide if I'll flip it or decline it. It's a hybrid XL. I didn't think it was going to get built and took a great deal on a used Ridgeline in June. I'd take the Mav if I...
  5. 📬 6/15/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Email received this morning at 10:30 eastern. Silver XL Hybrid with inverter and hitch. Ordered 9/16 through mountain view Ford in Chattanooga. I'm located in Knoxville. Estimate date of August 28th. I bought a used Ridgeline last Friday. Found a great deal on a base model with low miles. They...
  6. Who here is actually paying 5-10 grand over MSRP for these trucks... And Why?????

    This is not directed at you; just answering your question. Cheap people who don't value vehicles for anything other than their utility buy cars they don't like, even if they can "afford" something else. I'm one of those people. The Maverick will be the first new vehicle I've purchased in 25...
  7. My old Ranger and new Maverick

    This is so obvious in hindsight. I bet Ford would've done this if they knew then what they know now. Love the old f100s.
  8. Ridgeline now/Maverick later (maybe?)

    Wouldn't the transmission issue be covered under warranty? Any particular place I should look in the cab for the leak?
  9. Ridgeline now/Maverick later (maybe?)

    It's at a Honda dealership, and they're doing it as certified pre-owned. So, 12mo. 12k miles bumper to bumper and 7 years 100k mile powertrain.
  10. Ridgeline now/Maverick later (maybe?)

    Thanks for that. Definitely plan to drive it when they'll let me. I live in a semi rural area but commute to work in downtown Knoxville once or twice a week. The Prius makes it easy to zip around in areas like that. Our van is a Honda Odyssey, so comparable to the Ridgeline. Not as easy to...
  11. Ridgeline now/Maverick later (maybe?)

    Thanks. Was looking for validation. 👍
  12. Ridgeline now/Maverick later (maybe?)

    Yeah, I do like the exterior of the newer model Ridgelines better. I'm not one for interior features. The less it has, the less that can go wrong as far as I see it. Price is the big thing for me; I've had several Tacomas and Rangers in the past, but it's hard to get one for under $30k without...
  13. Ridgeline now/Maverick later (maybe?)

    That's a good point. I had written off the EB since the hybrid is what drew me to the Mav, but if I'm willing to make a concession on gas for a Ridgeline, why not do the same for the EB?
  14. Ridgeline now/Maverick later (maybe?)

    I ordered a '23 Mav last September, a hybrid XL. No build date yet, and I understand there's a good chance I'll never get a date in this cycle if conditions hold. So, I've been casually keeping tabs on the local market for other options. My 2010 Prius has 220k miles; who knows how much longer...
  15. Is/will your Maverick be your first truck? Are you new to Ford?

    83 Toyota SR5 78 f100 98 Tacoma 98 ranger 09 Tacoma A few SUVs (93 explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee 94 and Patriot 07) and one Prius 10 (current vehicle) sprinkled in between. All used. Mav, if I get it, will be my first new vehicle. Started driving in 99.
  16. (Secondary) Maverick key fob losing keyless entry function (due to constraints -- on 2022 XL and XLT) [🔒 LOCKED UNTIL CONFIRMATION VIA OFFICIAL MEMO]

    Smart woman. Good perspective to have when you've been done wrong, but that still doesn't make the thing right.
  17. Dealer screwed me over

    Of course you can add a hitch after. Ive personally done it on cars, SUVs, mini vans, and trucks.
  18. (Secondary) Maverick key fob losing keyless entry function (due to constraints -- on 2022 XL and XLT) [🔒 LOCKED UNTIL CONFIRMATION VIA OFFICIAL MEMO]

    Like I said, the MSRP difference between a regular key and one with remote capability. I know that probably won't happen, but it seems logical. An order was placed for an item with certain specs, the vendor can't deliver, then give a commensurate discount or make good on it when the parts become...
  19. (Secondary) Maverick key fob losing keyless entry function (due to constraints -- on 2022 XL and XLT) [🔒 LOCKED UNTIL CONFIRMATION VIA OFFICIAL MEMO]

    Seems like it'd be more than that. I get your point, but the difference in the sales price between a regular key and remote one has to be more than $10. Seems fair and logical.