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  1. Finally got scheduled on a xl EB

    Congrats @jbrown9889!! Looking forward to seeing another Maverick around I-77. lol! Over 6 months with my truck and still loving everything about it. Keep us posted.
  2. I have a build date

    In the E-Mail you received today, there should be a button that says "Track My Order". Click it. It should take you to Ford's website with your Order Number and VIN automatically pre-filled. If not, grab that info from your DORA. Click Accept & Track. As you get closer to your Build Week...
  3. South Carolina DMV question: how long 'til plate delivery?

    I think the key for you is auto insurance. If you've updated yours with the Maverick, you should be ok. I would keep the paperwork from the dealer in your car (or a copy) just in case. Congratulations on your Maverick! I hope you find it as enjoyable as so many of us have. I visited Fort...
  4. 11/30/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    11:48 AM (EST) 01/08/2024 324XX Lariat, Shadow Black, Tremor Off Road Package, Tremor Decal Delete, Power Moon Roof Columbia, SC 07/17/2023 (MY23 carryover) Mullinax Ford
  5. Post your Maverick next to ridiculously large trucks - photos thread

    When I left to go inside the store, I was alone. I had to laugh as I could almost hear the snickering.
  6. Chapman/Horsham -- 2022MY to 2023MY rollover orders

    I forgot I had an order in with another dealer. I wasn't getting Ford E-Mail updates on the order and my sales rep was not keeping in touch. I remembered the order back in June. When I checked with Ford chat it was unscheduled and not canceled. It was a hybrid and was never built so I got...
  7. Ordered on Thursday still no email

    Some dealers are deliberately omitting the customer's email on the order. Mullinax (Kissimmee only), as a practice, will put their email on a customer's order. I recommend confirming with your dealer your order has your email address.
  8. A Great Little Truck

    Congratulations on your Maverick! Thank you for the pictures. I agree. It is a great little truck and so much fun to drive. Wishing you many long and happy miles with your Maverick.
  9. Zero info on my Mav Lariat hybrid….since 9/15/22. Just got called…

    I had a dealer tell me they did not enter my email with my order. They, instead, used their (dealer's) email. This is why I was not getting any emails from Ford. Ford was sending them but the dealer was receiving them.
  10. Mine arrived today!

    That is a good looking Maverick. Congratulations! Another South Carolinian. Welcome to the family. While waiting for my Maverick, I read so many on MTC say it will be worth the wait. Now that I have mines, I agree completely. The only thing I have to add is a tonneau cover (will probably...
  11. We finally picked up our 23 hybrid

    Congratulations! Always glad to see another South Carolinian with a Maverick. Wishing you many happy miles.
  12. Chapman/Horsham -- 2022MY to 2023MY rollover orders

    Awesome news! If I was in your shoes, I doubt I would get much sleep tomorrow. I would probably be up at the crack of dawn and at the dealership Monday waiting for them to open.:LOL: Please do share some pictures.
  13. Chapman/Horsham -- 2022MY to 2023MY rollover orders

    Congratulations! Our Mavericks seem to be in sync. I checked my tracker too and found it in the same status. Sure enough, in Tim Bartz's Friday stream he noted it was on a truck and should arrive at LM that evening. In his video yesterday, he showed her on their lot (it looked even more...
  14. Chapman/Horsham -- 2022MY to 2023MY rollover orders

    It won't hurt to ping Ashlie but Chapman is pretty good with that. The true deadline is Monday, so you have time. If you want, you can E-Mail their Order Team--i.e. [email protected]. It makes sense for next week to be the next big batch as the cancellations will take...
  15. Chapman/Horsham -- 2022MY to 2023MY rollover orders

    I noticed, last week, my ETA updated. It was 5/20/23 - 6/2/23 but is now showing 5/29/23 - 6/11/23. For me, I'd like to get it the end of June or the first week of July. Tim (Bartz) said it typically takes 4 weeks from when he sees the vehicle on a rail before it makes it to the dealership...
  16. Where are my SC home folks at ?

    I would love a meet up. Here in Columbia but ordered from Long McArthur in Salina, Kansas. It shipped 5/12/23. I am looking to have it by the end of June or the start of July. I have seen a few around the Columbia area.
  17. Chapman/Horsham -- 2022MY to 2023MY rollover orders

    Thanks again for all of your efforts with tracking this. It has been incredibly useful. This is really good news. It certainly stands to reason all of their EcoBoosts should get scheduled. With this week, possibly, not being a clean-up week, hopefully they get a few more scheduled. You have...
  18. New Tremor Arrived But Passed

    The MSRP on that Maverick shows $35,345 but you note $40,000 as the out the door price. Why would you consider them outstanding if they marked up the price? Just curious.
  19. 📬 3/16/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    Pretty excited as I got the 45 day E-Mail earlier today but then got this. ⏰ 11:27 AM (EST) 📅 May 8, 2023 🔢429XX 🛻 Shadow Black Lariat Lux Tremor AWD EB, CoPilot 360, Moonroof, SIBL plus Cargo Management Kit 📍 Columbia, SC 🗓 9/19/2022 🕺 Long McArthur Ford, Salina KS
  20. Can we change recent 2023 orders without an order being completley resubmitted?

    Yes, you can make changes like what you are wanting. I had my dealer change the color. They sent over an updated DORA for me to verify.