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  1. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Wash and wax, installed Rough Country hard tonneau cover
  2. How long do you plan to keep your Maverick?

    8 years, then pass it to my daughter when she turns 16
  3. ALTO BLUE Maverick Photos / Club

    Love this truck… perfect cross between the old Ranger and old Escape. Have already hauled my daughter’s bike and a load of recycling in the bed. Can’t wait to take it camping when it cools off this fall!
  4. The Texas Mavericks!

    Just picked up my 2023 at Five Star Ford Carrolton on Friday. North Central Ford has also gotten a lot in over the last year.
  5. ALTO BLUE Maverick Photos / Club

    Picked my mine up last night... whole family loved the color! Will post pics once the lighting is good, but we're enjoying the clouds and the break from the Texas sun this morning!
  6. What's your Maverick hauling in the bed? [Photos Edition]

    Threw my daughter's bike in the bed on just the second drive! So great to have a truck again!
  7. My old Ranger and new Maverick

    Great pics, thanks for sharing. I drove an '01 Ranger in high school and have missed having a small truck. I just wish the Maverick came in something closer to Toreador Red!
  8. 📬 4/13/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    ⏰ 0932 Central 📅 6/12/2023 🔢 🛻 Alto Blue Lariat Lux Ecoboost FX4 4K Tow CP360 📍 DFW 🗓 9/16/2022, switch to Ecoboost 1/13/2023 🕺 Five Star Ford Carrollton
  9. It's Sitting at Dealer (Now its home!)

    These are some of the best Alto Blue pics yet- congrats! My order is really similar and has the same look, you’ve confirmed it was the right call.
  10. Current Maverick Constraint List as of 12/19/22

    I had a 2008 Escape XLT AWD that I absolutely loved. When I test drove the demo Maverick Lariat AWD at my dealership I thought they handled very similarly.
  11. 📝 (12/14/22) – 2023 MAVERICK AVAILABILITY MEMO Allows Order Switch From Hybrid to EcoBoost! + New Discount Package + Current Constraints Info

    I was torn between Hybrid and AWD from the start, so I'm definitely considering switching to EcoBoost Lariat + 4k tow if I don't get scheduled tomorrow. Not thrilled with the price difference, but it may be worth it for the capability and actually getting a truck.
  12. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Post if you received your 2023 Maverick scheduled for production confirmation & VIN today Oct 28!

    Great to see hybrids in the mix, I don’t think anyone expected that. Fingers crossed for everyone here!
  13. How many Mavericks have you seen?

    I usually see one a week other than the Cactus Gray in the neighborhood over. One a day for the past 3 days: Velocity Blue on Saturday, Cyber Orange on Sunday, Iconic Silver today.
  14. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    I really think the average American doesn't even know the Maverick exists at all. My parents and neighbors sure didn't. Even if they knew about it, the casually interested person who would buy off the lot never had a clue that they had to order, much less when the order banks opened.
  15. Removing constraints change place in line?

    This is my reason for a Maverick too… I have a 40 mile round trip commute so I ordered a hybrid, but I’m an Assistant Cubmaster/Den Leader and a truck would be way better for campouts than my VW Passat. I also dropped the spray in bed liner and protective film due to constraints.
  16. Your age / occupation?

    35, finance/Air Force Reserve officer
  17. 💵 2023 Maverick Pricing (MSRP / Invoice) & Options Released -- Including New Black Appearance Package

    I saw the same thing on my order, but I'm pretty sure it ended up getting rolled into the trim level price. The trim looked higher than the pricing guide posted here.
  18. OFFICIAL: 2023 Maverick Order Bank opens today (9/15/22) at 4:30 ET / 3:30 CT / 1:30 PT!

    I was actually surprised the email came that quickly. My salesman said that he would send me an email asking me to confirm the order before I heard anything from Ford. Happy to be in the system!
  19. OFFICIAL: 2023 Maverick Order Bank opens today (9/15/22) at 4:30 ET / 3:30 CT / 1:30 PT!

    Got my order in today at Sam Pack's Five Star Ford Carrolton, TX! Order sheet printed by the dealer at 6:24pm, received my order confirmation email from Ford at 6:42pm.