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  1. GM just shut down EV production

    And shut down future EV plans for good. Ford, and everybody else, is right behind them. Nobody is buying these things anymore. Toyota was one of the few manufacturers to be honest with themselves, and the public, about the future of EV’s, when they announced no plans to replace ICE/hybrids...
  2. Bumper corner covers

    I bought these to see what white striping would look like in the diagonal sculpting of the bumper corners. I didn’t like the results of that but I do like the CF covers by themselves. I experiment so you don’t have to. Ebay item.
  3. Anybody know the drag coeffieicnt Cd number for the Maverick?

    I can’t find anything published online. I just want the stock, baseline numbers for the EB and Hybrid, not the AWD. About the only information I can find is from a 2009 statement from ford saying their trucks range from 0.40 to 0.44
  4. Continental tire supply chain issue

    I wanted to get some better tires for my truck once I paid it off. I planned on keeping the stock tires in case of future availability issues for that size. I had looked at Continental CrossContact LX25 on Les Schwabs website a couple weeks ago. Well, went there today to check on...
  5. Dealers keep calling me about available Mavericks (Denver metro area)

    I dont respond to the dealers calls anymore since I already have one and they don’t seem to take me off their list even if I tell them I have one now. I assume most of them are EB. I have no idea of the markups. Just wanted to let people know that there seems to be some available if you decide...
  6. All my exterior mods

  7. Snow Socks

    Bought I’d give these a try instead of carrying chains. They are pretty compact and light compared to cables. Probably never need ‘em unless I find myself needing legal access to a pass when chain laws are in effect.
  8. Deleted pictures. Nothing to see here.

    Hood decal project deleted
  9. Maverick hybrid wait times aren’t out of line

    Most vehicles, that are popular, and people actually want, have some long order to delivery times now. Check out Toyotas lag times, especially the hybrid models. https://evto.ca/toyota-vehicle-wait-time-guide/
  10. Tuffskinz Radio and Climate control overlay- Reflective Black Shadow

    Ordered these before I saw the plain black plastic ones some of you have bought from Amazon. Those look nice. Not sure if I like these or not. I definitely didn’t want the gloss black offerings they had and didnt want something like CF. It pretty hard to photograph these true to the visual...
  11. 3rd Brake Light Tint

    Had some extra tinting laying around and wanted to do this anyway. Just tinted the bed light portion, not the brake area.
  12. Added some Hybrid emblems

    Only had a 2 month wait for these. Maybe they’re going to start making the trucks to go underneath them!
  13. Fixed something that’s been bugging me

    That cheap looking metal key plate was looking more and more like a zit to me. Chrome trim blackout tape fixed it.
  14. A license plate design that doesn’t clash with the vehicle

    Colorados new black plates with white lettering.
  15. Glovebox organizer

    Why did I never get one of these before, for any vehicle? This thing is great. I took some things out so you could see the design better. It’s not “junk” like several Amazon reviewers mentioned, simple yes, junk no. Many offering of the same thing on Amazon so take your pick. Normally...
  16. What is this?

    Just noticed it today. Driver side A pillar location.
  17. MPG has dropped since hot weather started

    A/C took chunk out of my overall trip 2 mpg report. I was getting 52 mpg until last months weather started turning warm. From 52 mpg down to this! I can live with it.
  18. Just mess’in around

    Not sure about it yet. I’ll give it a couple days. Before: After:
  19. Tailgate Spoiler installed

    Pretty easy to install. Ford/Air Design part. Adds a little bit of style to the rear end. Should smooth out turbulence and reduce some drag as well.