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  1. Is there a cheaper source for the rail/ track inside the bed?

    I bought 36” black strut channels from Grainger. 14 guage looks better than the 12 guage imo. The eye bolts can’t slide past the mounting bolt heads on the 14 guage so put in an extra eye bolt as well for full coverage.
  2. new wheels and 245/55/18 tire size, any rub

    Was wondering the same thing with the 245/55/18 for mine when its time. Thanks for putting it out there.
  3. What tint comes on mavericks from factory?

    I did 15% ceramic on all 5 windows. 5% regular to the as1 line on the front.
  4. Installed the Ford Tailgate Applique This Weekend

    I like it, looks great. Curious how it would look on Alto Blue.
  5. Finally Arrived! Special Edition Yellow Lariat Hybrid

    In Richmond, VA here, Alto Blue is like a magnet for the pollen already. Not quite as bad as the OP’s but it’s still early…..
  6. Blind Spots?⚡Reduce Blind Spots & Glare⚡SUMA Mirrors

    Suma, my windows are tinted at 15%. Does it matter which mirror I get, Blue or Grey? Thanks
  7. Radio Starts On Completely Random Channel Every time I Start The Truck (2023 Lariat Hybrid)

    Mine started this a week ago, lands on preset number one everytime I start up. Glad to know it’s not just in my head. ‘23 Lariat Hybrid.
  8. Hybrid random clicking sounds

    Normal, mine does the same.
  9. Maryland OEM Maverick Bed Liner

    Bed liner still available? Where in Maryland?
  10. First Ding, Scratch, Mark Club

    Here’s mine, above the driver door.
  11. Heated Steering Wheel issue...

    Can it’s characteristics be changed with ForScan?
  12. "In Channel" Side Window Visors Now Available From Realtruck / EGR

    Here ya go. Alto Blue BAP. 15% tint. No complaints.
  13. How soon does your tailgate assist engage?

    I watched most of the Amazon review videos for both Orion and Deezee. Got the same vibe from those that Deezee was. That plus the fact that Ford Accessories is selling the Deezee as well. Went with Deezee and yes it catches from the start.
  14. Hood ornament

    Drill Baby Drill…….
  15. Best CarPlay wireless adapter

    My first one was in my Titan, in direct sunlight up near the dash. Never an issue. The one for the Mav hasn’t gotten to its first summer yet and it’s under the dash away from any light.
  16. License plate light... here's an idea... puddle lights

    Had these on my ’05 Titan. I would definitely buy some if a mod ever became available.
  17. Best CarPlay wireless adapter

    Carlink gets my nod. Been using them for a while now. Small enough to tuck under the usb ports with 3m tape and not be seen(pic). In two vehicles. No issues at all. CarlinKit 5.0 Wireless CarPlay &... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C49Y1F6Z?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  18. Installed the Escape digital dual HVAC control today in my 23 Lariat Hybrid

    For mine, the mirrors worked, but I needed to enable the heated windshield with Forscan. While in there I also disabled the rear defroster.
  19. Will 5-gallon water bottles fit in bed?

    A propane tank in a milk crate slides right in under the cover.