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  1. New Maverick Owner

  2. 245/60R18 Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT tires installed

    Good choice. Now that Good Year owns Cooper that tire series was redesigned. I can say that the ride is good and the tire is quiet. 👍
  3. Can anyone guess

    Wheel opening trim.
  4. Can anyone guess

    New fog lights on your hood, New Goodrich tires? New window trim? That's what I think I see.
  5. My truck is here!

    (y) (y)
  6. Electrical Connectors under the Bed

    The wires are in water pack connectors. If there not damaged or played with they will remain water tight. The connectors will be expose to pressure washes in a car wash. You can use a pressure washer with a wide angle spray pattern to clean. Don't use a narrow nozzle.

    F- 150 18-19 MPG ? Not the way I see people drive. 😊
  8. Road debris protection for intercooler

    Despite of what you might think that little bit of mesh will increase the temperature of the engine. The purpose of the intercooler is to keep the air charge as cool as possible and keep the cylinder temperatures down to support boost.
  9. Does horn honk when tires fill to correct air pressure?

    Christine! 😊 I adjust my tire pressures according to the season no horn needed.
  10. Grand Nat.

    Maverick Tremor

    Wait for more mileage to get accurate MPG report.
  11. You are driving continuous for more than four hours, take some rest...

    There must be something to this. The truck is listening My Maverick told my to stop playing the same song over and over again. 😊
  12. Dash cluster screen changed…

    My screen shows a Mustang GT. 😊
  13. Took Delivery of My Maverick Tremor

    Enjoy your new Tremor. (y)
  14. Tremor on All Season instead of All Terrain tires

    It wouldn't be worth it. The Tremor ride fine just the way it is. The AWD system and locking diff is meant to be used with all terrain tires. The mileage wouldn't increase too much with that size change.
  15. FORDS Military Appreciation is an insult to Disabled Vets

    I thank you for your service. I understand the disrespect you must feel. Don't lose sleep over this for 500 bucks. My dad a WW2 VET and my brother a Vietnam vet both past away in my life with out making and enjoying their retirement. And they got very little help from discounts or assistance...
  16. Why the #!!%$ is Liability Insurance so Costly for the Maverick?

    I checked out one company a long while ago and they gave me a quote almost 400 bucks more. Not sure how they calculated that. I had a clean record.
  17. Why the #!!%$ is Liability Insurance so Costly for the Maverick?

    Well when you find a good company there will be no need to change. (y)
  18. Why the #!!%$ is Liability Insurance so Costly for the Maverick?

    I usually switch insurance company's every 2 or 3 years. Other wise they will slowly raise your cost even if your are accident free.
  19. Need a keyed fuse in under hood fuse box

    You Video only had sound for me.
  20. Need a keyed fuse in under hood fuse box

    Yes you should see it. Just look at the photo of my Tremor with the lights on. And that's in the day light. Not sure the type of brightness your lights are .You will have to test it your self and see if you like it.