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  1. Display hard to see

    On your phone, if an Android, if you open google maps, on the top right corner is a circle with your initial in it, select that, go to settings, then scoll down to Theme, then select "always in dark theme". I believe you may be able to set it in Android Auto also. If you have an I-Phone, I'm...
  2. Need reassurance that my Hybrid is not going to be a money pit

    Soccer is Life, I don't have much input to share on most of your Maverick specific examples, but for what you shared above; Unfortunately, I think this will be found across all brands and seems to be getting worse. And it's not just car mechanics. I have had numerous instances where I brought...
  3. A question for 2024 maveric hybrid mat purchased item.

    I chose that option and recieved rubber "Weathertech" style floor mats for the front and back seats, plus carpeted mats for the front and back.
  4. Missing lighter cover in 2024

    Oh, yes, the elusive 12 volt outlet. 😳 I felt like a stooge when one of the members here said "Why don't you just use the 12 volt outlet?" I was like WTF are they talking about, and then found it right there, in front of my face. LOL...
  5. Radio Turns on Automatically

    Me either. And, it appears to be an issue with both the standard and Sync 3 infotainment systems, plus maybe the climate controls. Just weird. Where would a person even start to look? 🤔
  6. Informative Article on Apple CarPlay

    For those that have used both AA and Carplay, which do you prefer? I wouldn't rush out to get an I-Phone if it is better, but when it's time to replace my phone it could be part of my consideration.
  7. BYOG (Bring Your Own Garage)

    If you parked the truck inside the trailer, how would you get out of the truck? Even with the windows down I think it would be tough, and no matter how much butter I lathered on myself, there's no way I'd be able to slip out the rear window. ;)
  8. Radio Turns on Automatically

    Brian, I'm not sure if this is your issue, but it's something to look at when your radio is forgetting your previous settings. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/stereo-changing-to-am-or-sirius-ch-0.46051/#post-813599 My radio comes on with the last setting I had when I shut it...
  9. Washed out colors when using maps

    On a recent trip to Florida, the airport shuttle service we hired picked us up in a Cadillac Escalade. The vehicle had a large, very clear navigation sceen that impressed me a lot. I was sitting in the back seat and could see the map clearly. I asked the driver what navigation he was using. He...
  10. Washed out colors when using maps

    I set mine to night mode. It's ok for me. Here's what it looks like: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/display-hard-to-see.46393/post-813602 I did find Waze was more viewable for me, but prefer other things on Google Maps enough that I use that instead.
  11. $40 navigation update worth it?

    My truck came with the NA 2 21 map version. I updated to the latest map NA 2 22. I still find some newer streets and addresses are missing, though. Ford told me the next version of the map would be out around August, and that I would receive an e-mail when that happened. My main complaint of...
  12. New Member

    Welcome aboard, Dan! Sounds like you have the sister(or brother) to my truck. I hope you like yours as much as I like mine. :)
  13. Tire pressure Monitor System Warning

    I wonder if that refers to a wireless phone charger? Since they pass energy by proximity, there must be the transmision of some kind of energy into the area around the charger. 🤔 Just a guess.
  14. ANOTHER deep sleep mode question

    I wonder if someone were to park their truck in the garage, go on the app and see what the tire pressure was. Then a few hours later, without the fob or by doing anything to wake the truck up, were to let a few pounds of air out of the tire, then check their app again later and see if it...
  15. ANOTHER deep sleep mode question

    While researching something else on the Cyanlab site, I came across mention of a fix for an APIM issue where it continually stays powered up. That might cause the phone pairing thing you mention. I'll see if I can find it again. On second thought, this would only be for Lariats with Sync 3...
  16. Tonneau Behavior

    Rug burns are bad enough, but that spray in bedliner would be brutal! ;)
  17. Tonneau Behavior

    Fred, I have a hard cover on my Maverick, so it doesn't move at all. I did have soft covers on my previous Ram trucks and they did act the way you mentioned. On those, I could adjust the tension to reduce the billowing effect at highway speeds, but never eliminate it completely. Whether yours...
  18. Why are so many waiting so long for a car? Lots of them around here.

    We have 3 Ford dealerships in my area. 2 of the 3 appear to list customer orders on their website, that aren't really available for sale, even before they arrive. The 3rd, the one I ordered from, does not. Atleast they never listed mine. So, I'm guessing it's a dealership thing. :unsure:
  19. Guide to 2024 Maverick Wheels

    My Lariat with the tow package came from the factory with the "18-inch Machined face Bright aluminum wheel ". Therefore, I am required to say that I like them and that you guys stink! :ROFLMAO: Oh, and Norm, it's 2024, not 2004. Haa!;)