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  1. Loss of Power Recall Due To Undetected Low Battery

    Convenient for Ford to use such title for the recall. 99% of people will never read the PDFs and assume this is their fix. I'd be shocked if this is related.
  2. Loss of Power Recall Due To Undetected Low Battery

    Likely false ! Straight from the nhtsa recall PDF. An insufficient calibration strategy for detecting sudden battery degradations during a drive cycle can lead to (a) a vehicle that is unable to restart after an auto start/stop event or (b) experience a stall while coming to a stop at low...
  3. Maverick Hybrid Died on Freeway this Morning - Completely Unanticipated

    You should probably make a note that your post most likely has nothing to do with the hybrid software power loss mess...and not give people false sense of hope that a fix is coming on 5/13. Your power loss is likely about fuel injectors. Hybrid power loss is all software (maybe some hardware...
  4. Maverick Hybrid Died on Freeway this Morning - Completely Unanticipated

    We need someone with access to some dealer bulletins to post whatever information is rumored to be available. Heard an update was issued mid March, then today someone posted something to be available in a month !
  5. Complete power loss on highway

    Do a search. It's all software related and I think in all cases it happens after the last 1 or 2 recalls. Some say Ford released an update but I don't believe it. There needs to be a recall for a recall to ensure a fix is on record.
  6. Finally got the Mav Back from Recall problems

    Can you post verbatim of your service invoice. They typically state exactly what was done.
  7. Ouch - (Ford Warranty Claim Numbers News) Wonder What the Breakdown per model is

    Those F150s mentioned in article sure have similar symptoms as some mavericks (power consumption).
  8. Brown substance in coolant tank

    Can't believe they replaced it and crossed their fingers hoping for the best. Whatever it is, is not good and dealer probably dreads repair as it's under warranty and won't pay good.
  9. Limp Mode Fail Strikes Again!

    I am shocked there isn't a recall for the recall or any type of acknowledgement from Ford regarding this issue. Someone somewhere said they released a update last week but no further details and it was likely a dealer telling someone that just to tell them it was "fixed".
  10. Thinking of trading in 22 hybrid for 24

    One plus about getting a 24 is virtually no recalls for ones rolling off the assembly line. 22-23s have had a lot of software updates, and for some it's problematic...
  11. Newest Ford special service message on Hybrid 12v Volt Battery Drain Problem

    Just some guesses based on what I have seen but 12.6+ right after shutting it off and 12.4-12.5 2 hours later would be pretty good. Shorty after turning off many items are still awake so before you get to that 12.4-12.5 resting don't be surprised if I between it drops much lower. Double lock...
  12. Beep / short chime shifting into Park

    This morning I noticed for first time a short chime / beep when shifting into Park. Never noticed this before. Anyone else noticing the same ? No, I'm not shifting to reverse and no recent recall work.
  13. 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid - Recall Issue Question

    After which recall did this issue start ? There is a turn signal one and instrument panel illumination one.
  14. Maverick Hybrid Dies In desert

    I think the illumination one is the culprit. Started hearing more issues after that one but tough to say because they are so close together. Maybe there will be a recall for a recall.
  15. Maverick Hybrid Dies In desert

    Did you have the turn signal and/or instrument panel illumination recall done recently ? Did this happen after ?
  16. Latest 2024 Maverick Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (2/19/24)

    I wonder how many "new car" buyers are lost due to them not wanting to wait. We will likely see MSRP. Not that I checked but I don't think there are many vehicles under 30k being discounted right now, unless they are a total flop.
  17. Updated 2025 Maverick w/ larger vertical screen spotted!

    maybe they should focus on improved quality for parts such as CV axles, 12V batteries amongst others instead of bigger screens for show !
  18. Calling all late 2023 and 2024 Hybrid Owners...soliciting your thoughts

    Remember though that when you start seeing the same posts for issues (12v battery, CV axles etc) that indicates a trend of common failures