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  1. Drifting in snow w/ my Maverick

    Believe me, you’re not missing anything when it comes to snow storms.
  2. What's your Maverick's name / nickname?

    Gandolf The Carbonized Gray 😂
  3. Heated seats ideas?

    If you can’t install your own heated seat system, worst case scenario, just where thermal insulated pants. 😁
  4. Mabett Armrest Cover Installed

    Nope just the cds for this one. But do some research and they may have one that does.
  5. Mabett Armrest Cover Installed

    I think it fits perfectly, and I do like the look of it because it goes with the matching brake and accelerator pedals I had also put on.
  6. Mabett Armrest Cover Installed

    I like it, it’s real easy, just set it down in the console area plug in and that’s it. I was going to mount it some where because it comes with some type of Velcro adhesive and hide the wire and stuff but I said nah. Because when I want to detail the inside I can just remove it with ease.
  7. New mod for my Texas Maverick

    You mess with the Mav, you get the horns!!😄
  8. Mabett Armrest Cover Installed

    No link but they have so many and not just on Amazon that look like this one. The one I got was a gift and I forgot to ask where she got it. I just plug in and it should pop up on your screen once you insert cd.
  9. Mabett Armrest Cover Installed

    No link but just go on Amazon and type description
  10. Lowered Silver BAP Maverick Lariat Lux Hybrid

    The BAC does make the silver almost look like carbonized gray in certain shots. It looks great 👍
  11. Christmas Raffle! Three winners will get Muslogy's Christmas Gift

    My first mod was simply filling the cubby hole. A place on Etsy does designs and I had found this one online and asked if they could replicate it. They did a great job. The initials not only stand for Ford Maverick but also it’s the initials of my first and last name. Anyway, best of luck in...
  12. 2022 Hybrid vs ecoboost reliability

    I can’t blame you for going with EB. I’m not knocking the hybrids but I live in upstate New York, and I don’t want to have to worry about things shutting off while driving in single digit temps. Plus the EB with the AWD was a no brainer. No matter where I live I would still avoid the hybrid...
  13. Was worth the wait!

    Just google it and it will take you to many options
  14. Was worth the wait!

    Dee Zee DZ43207 Tailgate Assist Fits 22-Current Ford Maverick, Black
  15. Was worth the wait!

    It’s not too late to request some add-ons to your Christmas wish list! The tailgate assist makes a great stocking stuffer. 😄
  16. Was worth the wait!

  17. Can you add Blackout Package during build stage?

    The worst-case scenario, there are ways to black out certain areas of the truck after you get it.
  18. Smoked a Deer, guess the cost

    Thank goodness it wasn’t worse and you’re ok. How does the alignment feel?
  19. What color tailgate lettering for Azure Gray Metallic Maverick?

    Also now that I think of it, you could reverse it and do black with orange border too.
  20. What color tailgate lettering for Azure Gray Metallic Maverick?

    If they have orange with a black border just like shown here in the TREMOR logo that would be cool.