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  1. I’m back to the start with my order

    mine was also built on 12/23/23 still is not shipped
  2. New Jersey Mavericks

    hi my name is Al have a 2023 alto blue xlt lux package live in trenton my 2024 is suppose to be here end of jan lariate loaded
  3. Shipping Delays

    i think you might see your truck end of january
  4. Tracking system…:is it real?

    we can only hope they do it soon i want my truck already
  5. Tracking system…:is it real?

    thats the same with my build its just stuck there in mexico i think latest recall may have something to do with it
  6. No Maverick for Christmas

    my order has also been stuck since 11/16 it is still sitting in mexico i think there could be a problem with a few trucks so maybe will see them end of jan 24

    mine has been stuck in production since 11/16/2023
  8. 2024 truck seems built, but Ford says "almost built."

    yep mine is the same but i think there could be something
  9. Anyone here with a 11/13 build week or later had their production delayed?

    mine is the same way 11/13 scheduled in production 11/16 nothing new since
  10. What's up with Order Status today?

    hey same thing with my order 24 lariate
  11. Anyone else feels Maverick steering is a bit "heavy"?

    he just got mine a few days ago i think you are right but i think ford wants to make it feel more like the big trucks also check tire pressure could be a little low