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  1. When to do 1st first oil change? 2024 XLT Hybrid

    Just did my first oil change on my EB at 1050 miles. Maybe I'm an old timer (OK so am definitely an old timer) but want to flush the system after surfaces are mated, and also to flush any assembly lubricants. Strangely enough, the drained oil had a greenish tint to it which I've never seen...
  2. Custom Install - Truxedo Elevate on Truck2go PRO Retractable Tonneau

    I have a long history of hauling an impressive variety of things in modest pickups. With the Maverick I have the shortest box I have ever had which is why I added the rack. Kayak hauling is just one of my use cases which I know will work out well. Time will tell how happy I am with the Maverick...
  3. Custom Install - Truxedo Elevate on Truck2go PRO Retractable Tonneau

    Yes and no regarding being due it being a roll up cover. In this case the full length of the T-rails is not accessible due the canister cover being full width. Other roll ups I've seen have the cover between - rather than over - the rails. Regardless of tonneau just have a close look at the...
  4. Custom Install - Truxedo Elevate on Truck2go PRO Retractable Tonneau

    I'm loving my Pro Retractable tonneau, a great cover and great value at $891 shipped! The one shortcoming however was how the canister cover mounts on top of the front of the T-rail tracks. This reduced the max distance between the Truxedo racks, making for a less than ideal cargo carrying...
  5. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    Joined the club!! 👍 The Trail Rated was definitely the right choice for me - nice sound for me to enjoy, not for the people at the other end of the block 😉.
  6. Tailgate Lettering in Tremor Orange (on black Maverick)

    Just got mine yesterday https://www.ebay.com/itm/185392286272?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=o3YkC1iaShu&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=BJHb1s8aSWG&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  7. Today's Delivery: Dakine Aero Rack Pads

    These are the 34 inch XL. 44 would be too long, and regular would not fit around the Elevate cross bars. As it is the XL's are just big enough...
  8. Jeeps got ducks, Maverick's have...

    Never heard of the Jeep duck thing before. Coincidentally I have "Eddy" - who has been with us on our travels for many years - riding along in the cubby 👍
  9. New Maverick Truck Club Stickers

    Cool shirt... are these still available??
  10. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    Ah somehow I didn't see the option for selecting tip color when I ordered last night. Just reached out to MRT to make sure I get the Black one.
  11. Short gas pedal

    Just installed these today - big improvement! LEXLEY 2PCS Anti-Slip Aluminum Brake Gas Pedal Pads,Auto No Drilling Accelerator Pedal Covers Only for Ford 2022 2023 2024 Maverick-Black https://a.co/d/cd7kyCK

    Am loving the Trail Rated Sidekick. Order placed, get it to me quick!! 🤸😁👍
  13. Tailgate Lettering in Tremor Orange (on black Maverick)

    I didn't realize there was a badge upgrade available - just placed my order. Thanks!
  14. Tailgate Lettering in Tremor Orange (on black Maverick)

    Same letters on Terrain
  15. (Can I Ceramic Coat my Tremor decals?

    I'm about to DIY ceramic coat my 2024 Tremor. In addition to the small "Tremor" decals I also have the hood and rocker panel decals. Can/should I coat these, or do I need to mask them off? Any other areas I need to treat specially e.g. plastic cladding? Thanks for any help, don't want to mess...
  16. Did you test drive a Maverick before ordering

    When the upcoming Maverick first started showing up in the press, I dismissed it as a stupid truck (2wd hybrid 🤨) with a stupid name (Maverick is a car dammit! 😠). Fast forward to 2023 and saw one on a road trip along the Oregon coast, and was intrigued. Researched the crap out of it, and...
  17. COMBO DIBL and Factory Spray-in-Liner ?

    I did a partial combo, worked great: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/sibl-dibl-bedliner-combo/
  18. Spray in Bedliner, what happens to the weep holes that allow water to drain out of the bed?

    While quizzing the tech at Line-x before deciding to go with them, I was surprised to learn that the spray dries "instantly", and that it does not expand. While they plug threaded holes to avoid fouling the threads, they apparently don't need to plug the drain holes. They did an outstanding...