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  1. Rugged all weather floor mats recommendations plz. :)

    I went with Smartliner, they look great fit perfectly, cleaned up and looked like new after one winter.
  2. Sorry youngsters, I had to go old school Maverick build!

    WOW....Got Stance?? YEP!!!! Great choice looks awesome IMO!!!!
  3. Diminish the appearance of surface scratches.

    Just wrapped up a much-needed spring cleaning. I had heard about 303 Interior / Exterior Protectant, IMO is a much better product then Armor All. I noticed when I used it used on the surface scratches it diminished their appearance greatly. As most of us know, the interior surfaces, especially...
  4. Tailgate Lettering in Tremor Orange (on black Maverick)

    Perfect match looks great!!
  5. Bluto Maverick Build: Lower & Wider

    Very cool mods, flares look better than I thought they would.
  6. Front Baja/KC light bar custom made (retains OEM tow hooks)

    Well worth the R&D / fab time, looks perfect!!
  7. Door Sills - limited options

    FYI, you are going to hate the tape residue!!!
  8. Floor liners - recommendations?

    I went with Smartliner's, great value and fit very well!!!!
  9. Christmas is close. Let’s hear from from those with no complaints

    Purchased my '23 Catus Gray XLT 2.0, 4k this past May. Have 5,500 miles on it with no issues...love this little truck!!
  10. Fastest Stock Maverick

    Just for S&G's, check out Fast Mavericks, Ivan has his Maverick running in the 12's!!!! Yes, with a 2.3 and some bits and bobs, but really fun to follow!!!!
  11. Mustang Scoop as a Cowl???

    Yes, I did, Thanks!
  12. Mustang Scoop as a Cowl???

    Thank you!
  13. Mustang Scoop as a Cowl???

    Thank you! So Rocky Mountain Graphics sells the hood graphics, they have a variety of colors. I got mine through eBay. NEW 2022 FORD MAVERICK HOOD STRIPE W/ PINSTRIPE DECAL VINYL STICKERS GRAPHICS | eBay
  14. Mustang Scoop as a Cowl???

    No, it's taped, not bolted.
  15. Mustang Scoop as a Cowl???

    Had this '05 Mustang scoop in our shop for a while. The more I looked at it the more I wondered how it would fit. Didn't really like it in the "scoop" position so I spun it around and have it mounted as a little power bulge/cowl.
  16. Recommendations for Aggressive Street-ish Tires

    I wasn't either actually but love the look of the larger tire IMO.
  17. Recommendations for Aggressive Street-ish Tires

    Zero chance of rubbing!!! No need to adjust suspension height.
  18. Recommendations for Aggressive Street-ish Tires

    I love my Falken Wildpeak A/T's. I went with 245-65-17's, gained an inch in ride height, marginal MPG differential and living in SE MI I feel way more comfortable with winter coming!!
  19. Installed new Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Tires (235 65 r17)

    Good choice and look great! I opted for the 245-65-17' Wildpeak A/T's, I wanted that extra 1' of height, since I work a mile from home I wasn't really concerned about the effect on mileage.