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  1. When to do 1st first oil change? 2024 XLT Hybrid

    I think Ford recommends 7-10k miles. I ended up doing mine at just over 6k miles, mainly because I was getting close to 6 months. I was at about 20% oil life according to the oil life monitor. IMO every 5-7k miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first.
  2. Do I really need the XLT Lux package? 🧐

    This is already a budget vehicle and that is very evident in the build quality and materials. Without the luxury package it would be an absolute penalty box.
  3. Finally lowered my Maverick! Eibach Pro kit.. 2.5” front 3” rear..

    Looks great with those Ford Edge wheels!
  4. Apple CarPlay OBD2 Display App

    This is awesome! Has anyone tried this app with a hybrid?
  5. Drive mode - set and forget?

    That's interesting....I haven't seen any issues. Slippery mode in the hybrid seems to just decrease the regen while coasting which makes a huge difference on the highway. I did a quick search and someone did post a bulletin warning about slippery mode but it seemed to apply to vehicles with...
  6. Drive mode - set and forget?

    I've just made it a habit now that when I get on the interstate to put my hybrid into "slippery" mode. It seems to get the MPG when you're cruising at 65+ for extended periods of time.
  7. Maverick EV reportedly on hold until early next decade [⚠️ LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Sidenote.. It will be interesting to see how the Silverado/Sierra PHEV develops.
  8. hybrid off roading

    A couple things here to just clarify for future readers. 1. ""Off road" is a pretty broad term. It could quite literally mean "not on a paved road" or on a rutty muddy trail. 2. The Hybrid powertrain has a computer controlled ECVT that is capable of providing some limited slip characteristics...
  9. MPGs FAR below advertised and hype. Are you all telling the truth?

    I'm getting mid 40s mpg consistently. I do probably 70% city, 30% highway. I would say I drive "normal". I'm not driving like an old lady but I'm also not launching off the line at every light. I have noticed slightly lower MPG since it's gotten colder here in FL.
  10. Backup Camera Takes Too Long To Display

    I've noticed the same thing.
  11. Surging when stopped. Anyone else?

    I've had my truck for less than two weeks. I started noticing this lately but only in the morning when it's a little cooler. My only thought is that it's some sort of high idle state the engine goes into with cooler temperature until it's warmed up.
  12. Tremor offroading on Haleakala/Poli Poli!

    I'll definitely take that trip next time I am out there. Hopefully soon!
  13. Tremor offroading on Haleakala/Poli Poli!

    This is amazing! We just visited Haleakala but only did the paved road to the top. I would have loved to have explored more particularly the unpaved sections.
  14. interest rates causing slow down on sales?

    Shop around on your rates. I joined a credit union here locally that is offering as low as 4.5%. Still not as amazing compared to recent history but much better than what Ford has to offer.
  15. Why don't Hybrids get more love?

    Agree with this. People tend to overexaggerate the need for AWD/4WD(partially thanks to marketing). In most cases FWD with the right tires performs very well in snow, hills, dirt roads, etc. In loose sand or extreme offroad conditions AWD/4WD is definitely needed.
  16. Which line to tap for catch can install on the Hybrid engine?

    This! Carbon buildup on the valves is minimal on port injection engines... particularly Atkinson cycle engines.
  17. 📬 7/20/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Anyone with a 9/25 build date receive a window sticker yet?
  18. 📬 7/20/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    So for those scheduled today. Do we need to worry about our 2024 rollover orders or once we have a VIN are we good?
  19. 📬 7/20/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    ⏰ 1:35PM EST 📅 9/25/23 🛻 XLT Hybrid, Area 51, Luxury Pkg, BAP 📍 North Florida 🗓 Sept 2022 🕺 Bozard Ford