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  1. COBB Accessport install video on 2023 Maverick 2.0 EcoBoost by ISC

    Video popped up on my feed of ISC Suspension installing the COBB Accessport and 87 tune on their 2023 Maverick XL.
  2. COBB tune Stage 1 on Maverick 2.0 Ecoboost

    91 octane Sport base map followed by E50 custom tune on @Asaleigh's Maverick. Results / info from @Asaleigh: It made 303hp 346tq with just a warm air intake on e50. I got a meowless downpipe, intercooler and afe exhaust showing up this week. Gunna go back an do a max effort (stock turbo) dyno...
  3. SEMA 2022 Maverick Build by Leif Johnson Ford

    Came across this video while looking up SEMA Updated with photos: Posted by @volksnuts Got to visit this truck AT Saleen Performance Met all the parties involved in the build as well They should have the pricing available this week Front bumper piece and side skirts will be available to...
  4. 8 Speed Auto Transmission problems

    As I am currently in the process of getting my transmission replaced due to a defect (slipping, accelerating from a stop issues) and reading a recent post, curious how many others have had a similar issue and not posted about it, and if this may be a larger issue.
  5. Some Happy Upgrades

    While its still way to cold here to get much done without a heated space, I did manage to get a couple items off the list. First my engine cover finally arrived after delayed shipping. Before After Also replaced the factory Pirelli's for some Toyo Open Country AT3's 235/65/R17...
  6. 2022 Maverick FX4 Deep Snow and Ice Winter Test

    Driving Sports TV new test video with Wildpeak AT3W's
  7. Carbonized Goodness - CDN June Order arrived

    The day has finally come. Ordered back on June 21, arrived last Thursday some time, took delivery yesterday Dec 13th. I thought It may be benificial for others to know my experience since ordering as those who have shared before me greatly helped in my process and tracking along the way...
  8. XLT Review *Canadian ACCELER8*

    Some mistakes in his details like payload, but overall decent review with high resolution video\production
  9. Boost Gauge?

    Been a while since I had a turboed car, but are boost gauges not common from factory any more? Or did I miss where it is on the Maverick? I tried searching and could not find mention of it in the Ranger either. If one is not included may look at adding one if possible inside the cubby attatched...