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  1. Matte Black and Red Stripes Accent Wrap

    yeah gives me A-Team vibes as well also was wondering what a Matte black would look like. had thoughts about doing that to mine at some point
  2. What did you drive before the Maverick?

    i had an 09 Edge Limited
  3. Bluto Maverick Build: Lower & Wider

    been wondering how those fenders would look like on an blacked out truck.. thanks i might have to get those for mine. easy install right?
  4. Issue of Mav shifting into Park when you open the door

    i have always just put mine in neutral. didn't know about "carwash mode"
  5. Central Florida Maverick Club

    i got one for my '23 but i think it covers all 3 years
  6. Removing B Pillar Black Vinyl for a paint matching look

    this thread made me look at other cars. didn't realize it was such a common design choice
  7. Automatic Car Washing Maverick?

    i run mine through once or twice a year depending on the weather. my only complaint is that my license plate gets bent by the brushes
  8. Christmas Raffle! Three winners will get Muslogy's Christmas Gift

    the console trim would be the first thing i'd add
  9. Maverick Recall: 23E07 - PCM module needs software update

    usually by snail mail. but if you go to a dealer for service they will let you know the open recalls
  10. Flatout Suspension - BLACK FRIDAY SALE

    do you have an general idea how long the backorder is going to be?
  11. Why the ecoboost?

    availability. i had ordered a '24 hybrid, but my dealer never updated or confirmed my order and i didn't want to wait a year for my truck. went to another dealership that had a '23 ecoboost with 25 miles on it so i snatched that one up instead
  12. Central Florida Maverick Club

    https://www.tufskinz.com/products/mav023-front-fender-badge-line-ford-maverick something like this?
  13. New glitch: red Collision Control Warning false alarm

    i actually had the same thing happen to me last week. closest car was maybe a 2 to 3 car lengths ahead of me. hasn't happened since. got me to wonder how badly it would freak out if a bag blew onto my bumper and blocked the sensor
  14. Miles on truck at delivery

    mine had 25 on it when i bought it, though it was technically used because the original buyer took title to sell it back at a profit
  15. Central Florida Maverick Club

    @Billy A I saw your MAV today. I think it was Take Your MAV to MISTERS Day today. I saw 2 other Mavs while I was there. Maybe 3 if you didn’t circle around to find a spot near Sushi Pop
  16. Central Florida Maverick Club

    @Old Fart i got the maintenance and tire packages. so i can go to a dealership for "free". i am close the one in Sanford and Greenway so debating on which one would be best
  17. Central Florida Maverick Club

    what dealer do you take your MAV to for warranty work or general maintenance?
  18. Central Florida Maverick Club

    anyone put a new exhaust on their Ecoboast? if so where did you go? i am in Oviedo and wanted to shop it around a bit
  19. Central Florida Maverick Club

    i got my truck from Mullinax Central Florida... it was a nice and easy process. i would go there again if i was in need of a new vehicle