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  1. Maverick Hybrid Died on Freeway this Morning - Completely Unanticipated

    I've said many times, my 2022 was outstanding for the first 22,000 or so miles. Never a glitch, worry free, except for maybe the sunglass holder latch, no showstoppers. I might have considered an extended warranty, but the dealerships and Ford were not able to resolve my Maverick's big issues...
  2. Maverick Hybrid Died on Freeway this Morning - Completely Unanticipated

    We're in the age where the youthful consumers (target market for Maverick) are conditioned to be beta testers. I remember software companies in the pre-internet days would delay their releases up to a year working out the bugs. It was company suicide to release a buggy product without the...
  3. Considering Trading in My 2023 Hybrid XLT Maverick: Need Advice

    There are many examples of hybrid owners on the forum with zero issues and some of us that had very frustrating experiences. My ownership experience started out great, but the experience eroded over time, both with the vehicle itself, several Ford dealership service departments, and Ford Motor...
  4. Maverick Hybrid Died on Freeway this Morning - Completely Unanticipated

    Agree 100% Worked in similar capacity (HMI and ladder logic). Several years ago I was with a senior controls systems engineer (now with Rockwell), peering into a Tesla, noting the screen area and lack of physical buttons for anything. He said, "Hell no!, I want something that will get me home...
  5. Hybrid going dead

    Yes, you have the harness issue and your service department is on the right track for successful resolution. Be thankful for them.
  6. "@Ford Motor Company" MTC Participant; MTC Member Feedback

    I had significant issues with the "no-start, no crank" harness issues that the Ford account bot, FMC and numerous dealership service departments never resolved.
  7. Maverick just went haywire!

    Yep, that certainly would be cool. (y)
  8. Why do so many posts about hybrids talk about trickle chargers and jumpers

    I kept a Noco jump starter with me due to the no-start, no crank issue. It had nothing to do with driving it enough, I put 27,600 miles on it in 15 months, do the math. That is a fair amount of use.
  9. Apple CarPlay OBD2 Display App

    Nice! Anything special you have to do to get the ODB FUSION to work with CarPlay, or will it show up natively?
  10. Battery Jump Start Pack… worth it?

    The Noco GB40 became my best friend during my time with the Maverick hybrid. A necessity in my case. Wouldn't Couldn't leave home without it. Or work, or anywhere...
  11. Finally Arrived! Special Edition Yellow Lariat Hybrid

    Pollen season. :( There was a study several years ago (University of Tennessee) claiming that the area between the Cumberland Plateau and the Smoky Mountains has the largest and most diverse combination of allergens in the country. Not only does it cover the vehicles, it is tough on the...
  12. "The Mav Signal" (Maverick Wave)

    I ordered the first day back on the summer of '21 and received my Maverick the first week of March 2022, over two years ago. They were extremely rare then, but I never noticed any waves, gestures, or secret handshakes. One guy asked about it at the gas pumps, but never the fandom that other...
  13. Welp, I traded in my Maverick

    Congrats on the new vehicle and thanks for reporting the positive retained value of the Maverick.
  14. You’ve gotta know when to fold ’em

    Thanks, I believe I'm a charter member.
  15. You’ve gotta know when to fold ’em

    Right, Severe duty shouldn't be confused with duty cycle. Severe duty is towing, extreme temperature operation, high speed. Many on the forum have stated that driving hybrids too little is problematic (deep sleep, etc.). I beg to differ, I drive a lot of miles annually and had no-start...
  16. You’ve gotta know when to fold ’em

    Similar story here, with an early January 2022 build. Only difference is that you maintained confidence in the brand and dealership, which is great. I wish my Maverick's issues would have been handled better. Congrats on the new F-150!
  17. Template to fabricate ABS bracket (to mount KEY/LC2i behind glovebox)

    I think I saw it on Thingaverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5344241
  18. Pros and Cons so far

    Yeah, I had this issue with the no lights too. No lights, no door unlock, no start. No fix.