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  1. Do I really need the XLT Lux package? 🧐

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. Well worth it!!
  2. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    2023 XLT 4WD FX4 4K Puchased 2/14/2023 Milage 4,957
  3. My Journey To The Motor City - MRT Performance Custom Exhaust

    Ford did the exhaust in front of rear wheel before with F150's. They ended up replacing a crap ton of wheels. The exhaust chemicals coming out started eating away the wheel finish. Just saying.
  4. Custom built 2023 Tremor

    Very nice! Love the bars! But who gets to drive the Bronco? lol
  5. Well it handled this fella fine (with 4K Tow Package)

    Are we still talking about trucks here! 🤣😀😛
  6. Anyone Regret not Getting the Bronco Sport ?

    Nope! Have them both, and love them!!! 😎
  7. My 2023 Maverick Tremor build

    If that TREMOR was sold by FORD, I would have bought that for sure!!! I couldn't stand the orange.
  8. Christmas is close. Let’s hear from from those with no complaints

    I took delivery of my 2023 XLT FX4 last February, and am loving driving the Silver Bullet! Only has 3600 miles so far. Love this truck. Happy Holidays Everybody!!!
  9. 5w-20 oil in 23 Maverick Hybrid xl

    You live in NY why use oil that is not as good in the winter cold. I would stick to 0-20. If you lived down south then it would de ne big deal to use 5-20.
  10. Does Anyone Drive an EB Infrequently and for Short Trips With No Battery Charge Issues?

    I deactivated mine. I could care less about saving that cup if gas. I don't want to kill my starter faster that I have too.
  11. How much were you charged for antitheft?

    All these products make dealerships tons of money. I know, as I use tho sell them at time of sale. I was a Finance Mgr at a Ford Dealership. Glass etching costs them maybe $50 bucks, anything above is pure profit. Anything that is not on the factory window sticker from FORD, is a ADM or Dealer...
  12. Ope, Minnesota Thread? Best Thread.

    That is why I use my points for trans flushes only. LoL
  13. Ope, Minnesota Thread? Best Thread.

    I would almost cut off my arm before going to the Dealer! Prices are outrages for service work. I try to do everything myself, Go to Dealer as last resort! They all play games and think you were born yesterday. Some days it is funny, as I know more than them. Just sad the times we are in.
  14. Does Anyone Drive an EB Infrequently and for Short Trips With No Battery Charge Issues?

    I have only 3k miles on a 2023 Maverick that I got last Winter. It has an AGM battery, but it gets very COLD here in winters. I only drive 10 miles per day to and from work. Because of this, I plug in the onboard battery tender. Everything is been perfect since.
  15. Remove Orange on AC vents XLT

    I would have gotten Black Appearance Pkg, but not an option with FX4. So I had to remove all the orange. I chose not to use stickers as they won't last. And I never chose it off the lot, as I ordered mine with all the options that I wanted except the orange. lol XL Vent Part Number...
  16. Remove Orange on AC vents XLT

    Easy, but need to purchase XL model vents. They are all the same part number. Just need 4 of them. Removed all orange from my XLT. Even took care of handles. Search for Silver Bullet in the forums to see. Message me directly and I will get you the part number later tonight.
  17. Silver Bullet Almost Done.

    That didn't fit with my Dash Cover, so I have a different one. That one is to wide. Mine works perfectly with my Dash Mat Cover. Amazon.com: Karltys Dashboard Center Console Organizer for Ford Maverick 2022 2023 2024 Accessories Maverick Center Console Dash Storage Tray Car Dash Board Box...
  18. Silver Bullet Almost Done.

    It took a few hours. But the screws that you see on the handle do nothing. Only able to remove from back of door panels.
  19. Tailgate Lock - Loud Noise?

    Normal to me. Tailgate controller locking as told too.