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  1. How do you determine tongue weight?

    I have a 16 foot utility trailer to put my old car in. I also have an FX4 so I can tow 4000 pounds. What is the best way to determine the tongue weight so I have the car held down in the right place on the trailer? Thank you.
  2. Why are so many waiting so long for a car? Lots of them around here.

    I just looked and there are over 100 Mavericks within 100 miles of my house here in Milwaukee. XL, XLT, or Lariat. I found mine and bought it the next day. Those of you that are waiting 12 months or more, what did you need that was so special that you would wait that long? I am sure for a...
  3. Google maps is backwards again.

    So Google is on my phone and on the screen in front of me. However the direction is that they are driving down on the screen and backwards on the phone, If I hold the phone flat on my hand the direction arrow is pointing behind me, not ahead of me. It is backwards. Should be pointing forward...
  4. What is the problem with my screen, it is locked up

    Waze had the screened locked up asking me to look at an update. I ended up removing Waze from my phone. Now the screen is locked on the app screen. If I push on exit it takes me to Google maps and I see the car going down the road. I cannot get any audio. I hit the volume button and the...
  5. Collision avoidance so I do not hit the car in front of me?

    2023 XLT AWD FX4 with Luxury package and Copilot 360. The car does wag the steering wheel if I go out of my lane, but it does not do anything if I get to close to the car in front of me. Does that only work when you have cruise turned on? It does not work with everyday driving down the street...
  6. How do you install Android Auto?

    I had my phone installed. Google Pixel 8, so the phone is good to go. I tried to install AA and that disconnected the phone. I also have the Motorola dohickey so I dont need a USB cord. The instructions with the Motorola do not match what the phone settings state. Is there a good youtube...
  7. How I added to my Mabett Mudflap

    I did not like how the Mabett mudflap on the driver rear location was open, so I built an additional piece to keep salt off the back of the left quarter panel. We will see how this works. I made it from a flexible cutting board I found on Amazon that has lines so I could cut it straight. I...
  8. Undercover hard trifold got hit with hail.

    Just went thru a hail storm. Maverick looked good, no dents. Stopped at the dealer today for my kids car and he noticed all the dents I had on the trifold. Better there than on the truck. I guess it protected the bed. What have others seen on their hard covers
  9. Camera (front and back)

    For those of us that are illiterate when it come to installing wiring, is there a camera that I can install that is cordless? Batteries! .........Or maybe that I can install using the USB ports in the back seat instead of the front ones? Thank you.
  10. Why is the left rear mud flap open like this?

    It appears that the mud flap is far enough away from the exhaust pipe that it does not need to be open like this. It lets too much mud, sand, etc get past the flap and all over the left rear of the car. This is a Mabett flap. Why doesn't this flap cover as well as the right rear flap?
  11. 14 gallon tank in 2023, 16.5 gallon in 2024?

    I just filled my tank since I had less than 50 miles to go. 2023 EB AWD XLT. It took 14 gallons exactly. I was looking at the post about a dealer that had 2024's in stock. I looked up a couple of AWD's to see if they had the 4K package. None did, but they did have 16.5 gallon tanks. Did...
  12. Tailgate Lock that was left in the glove compartment(where does it go. how does it work)

    When I purchased my Maverick a few months ago, there was a wiring harness and a tailgate lock. The tailgate lock was never installed and the dealer is 100 miles away. Today I had a recall attended to and I asked the service department what the lock was for. They were not sure so they asked a...
  13. I just earned 25 Milestones. What is a Milestone?

    I understand Ford points and how you can use them to purchase items or for service. Never heard of Milestones with a Ford. Do Milestones just earn you points or is it something else? Thank you.
  14. Copilot 360 - Is there a way to turn it on

    The build sheet states I have Copilot 360. I have seen no evidence that it is turned on. Car just drives like my old car. Is there some place I have to go to turn it on? Can I turn on parts of it or is it just on or off? Thank you.
  15. Will my mudflaps stay on the car?

    I just installed mudflaps from Mabett and I am wondering about the bolts that hold them in place. I used the bolts already on the car, but I wonder if they will be long enough, or if they will work their way out. Mabett states I can get their complimentary accessory kit to replace them, but...
  16. How much were you charged for antitheft?

    I was looking over the cost of my Maverick and I see they charged me $399 for antitheft. Is this a Ford charge that everyone gets, or is this a local charge by the dealership?
  17. Has anyone tried the Calffree Hard Tonneau cover from Amazon?

    Looks like a decent tonneau for under $500. I cannot find any reviews for it online, but the reviews for the product are very good. I always wonder how true those are however. Thought it best to ask on her. Thank you.