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  1. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    Already ordered the Trail Rated SideKick. Once it gets here I'll post up some install pics and give some early impressions. Really looking forward to it 😁 Thanks again for taking the time to chat on the forums in your other threads, and for the MTC discount code!

    Just placed my order, looking forward to getting it in! Thanks for all the back and forth, and the promo code!

    I see the Trail Sidekick is listed on your site now, does that mean I can go ahead and order it today?

    Any idea on what you'll be pricing the muffled side exit at? I'm liking the sound of that one versus the KOTH model, video makes it seem like there's just a bit too much exhaust sound coming into the cabin for my taste but that could be just due to it being a YouTube video, could sound way...
  5. Steeda strut tower brace absolutely works

    Yes, I have one in my Tremor.

    Oh wow, that's fantastic! This is really the kind of sound of sound I was looking for. I realize it's your prototype but it's subtle, not raspy, and doesn't have the tone I've seen in other designs. If the production version keeps this same sound profile, I'll be one of the first in line to...

    Hey there! I've been looking for an exhaust for my Tremor actually, not because I need more power or want it to be fart can loud, but because the exhaust hangs down super low under the RDU and is a rock/hangup magnet. Only thing I've found so far is the aFe side exit exhaust, but there is hardly...
  8. Question should I install mud flaps

    One of the first things I did after picking up my Tremor last year was to throw a set of RokBlokz on. Easy to install, plenty sturdy, and the grey logo matches my paint well enough for me at a distance it's a nice little accent. That pic was after I finished up the install and took a drive...
  9. Maverick Tremor 1.5 SST ReadyLift installed. Dreaded CV joints shaking my truck

    This may seem like a really dumb question, but where did you get that info you're displaying? It kinda looks like the workshop manuals that I've had for previous vehicles. Would absolutely love to have something like that for my Tremor. Thanks!
  10. DFW Ford's Garage Meet - Saturday September 9

    I'll be there tomorrow! Unfortunately had that hail come through the night before the last meetup so I wasn't able to make it. Looking forward to meeting folks!
  11. 2024 Ranger & Ranger Raptor build & price is LIVE

    As a Texan, I'd rock this thing just to piss off the insecure d-bags around here.
  12. DFW Maverick Meet Coming 5/20/23

    Very sorry but unfortunately we won't be able to make it to the meet. Our home and our other vehicles sustained damage in Friday's storm. Gonna be a long weekend/week getting shit sorted out.
  13. COBB TUning Accessport for 2.0L Maverick!!!

    For the TCM tunes, will the AP give me the capability to fully disable traction control and stability management? I'm coming from a Mk3 Focus RS with an AP and I'm used to being able to defeat both with the factory options sans AP, but the Maverick won't fully disable as it is stock (that I can...
  14. DFW Maverick Meet Coming 5/20/23

    I will be there and bringing another adult.
  15. Project Mav 2.3 is underway

    Go for a sequential with an actual LSD 😁 Mountune used to carry a sequential for the Focus RS, wanna say it was made by Quaife but I'm not certain. I thought about going with it for a while but the RS was my daily then and that would be horrible for daily driving around here.
  16. Project Mav 2.3 is underway

    How exciting! What vehicle did you pull it out of? I love the 2.3EB in my 2018 Focus RS. It's full bolt-ons and a Cobb AP running a custom map from JSTuned. An absolute blast on the street and on road courses. Considered doing a full engine build, bigger turbo, Syvecs, and transmission upgrades...
  17. Borla catback exhaust for 2.0L Maverick - Video Sound Clip

    The Focus ST does have the 2.0EB but the 2.3EB as we know it today was introduced with the RS. I love my RS, they punch way above their weight when it comes to performance. The only place I usually feel outgunned on a road course is in longer straights, that's where folks with better top end...
  18. Borla catback exhaust for 2.0L Maverick - Video Sound Clip

    The 2.0EB can be made to sound decent. The 2.3EB with the Milltek exhaust in my Focus RS sounds great (to me at least). But most of the exhausts I've heard clips of for the Maverick are pretty craptastic. I do realize they may sound a bit better in person, perhaps I will come across someone with...
  19. DFW Maverick Meet Coming 5/20/23

    Thanks for setting this up! I'll definitely be there!