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  1. Diminish the appearance of surface scratches.

    Just wrapped up a much-needed spring cleaning. I had heard about 303 Interior / Exterior Protectant, IMO is a much better product then Armor All. I noticed when I used it used on the surface scratches it diminished their appearance greatly. As most of us know, the interior surfaces, especially...
  2. Mustang Scoop as a Cowl???

    Had this '05 Mustang scoop in our shop for a while. The more I looked at it the more I wondered how it would fit. Didn't really like it in the "scoop" position so I spun it around and have it mounted as a little power bulge/cowl.
  3. Upgraded XLT audio.

    WOW!! OK, to preface, I have a'23 XLT w/4k tow pkg and standard audio system. The stock audio system is fine IF you like music reproduced through a coffee can with zero presence and crappy base. .....IMO of course. So, after some research and wanting to begin an upgrade I went with PowerBase...
  4. First Mods, '23 XLT

    Love my '23 XLT, wasn't crazy about the orange interior accents but since Ford Design went out of their way to make these a bit quirky, I felt - heck lets plan on extending that theme to the exterior. I also didn't like the chrome "AWD" tailgate emblem and found that the GMC Terrain/Acadia had...