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  1. Who Says the Maverick Isn't a Real Truck?

    We chose the hybrid FWD as we're going to tow it behind a Sprinter chassis motorhome. I haven't driven the AWD version as it was never an option for me for it cannot be towed. I will say that the ride of the FWD is one of most comfortable that I've driven in a long time. I'm sure the...
  2. Who Says the Maverick Isn't a Real Truck?

    My wife calls it a Trucklet and I've put an F-50 decal on the tailgate. She absolutely loves it and it's her daily driver. Who cares what anybody else thinks. She's gone from 17.5 mpg's to 42 and can go over two weeks without a fillup. Not to mention, it's a blast to drive. I have a 2021...
  3. Got recalls done and now my Hybrid Mav is full of problems.

    My Maverick is my wifes daily driver. She loves her trucklet and it's been very good to her so far. If she has these types of problems after a simple software update, that truck is gone. I'm going to make sure tonight, that the automatic updates function is off and I decide what updates are...
  4. 12 Volt Battery Drain Solved on Hybrid Maverick .

    Doesn't your phone search for the closest Ford dealer via the Ford pass app, when you're out and about? Trying to keep the FOB away from your truck or wrapping it in foil just seems silly. If my FOB is going to drain my battery, I'll sell the truck. If I want frustration, I'll by an EV and...
  5. Bluto Maverick Build: Lower & Wider

    Damn! Looks sweet!
  6. ElectricSheep's '22 Lariat Maverick Rig. 2" Lift, GFC Wheels-Tires Awning. (Update Lights)

    I think it looks awesome! Great job on the build!!
  7. Went old school…. Maverick build on chrome wheels

    Looks awesome! My last two cars had chrome wheels and it never got old!
  8. Morimoto 3rd Brake Light Upgrade

    There’s a post right above yours that talks about it. Well, it may not be above yours after I type this…but it’s close to it.
  9. Hybrid died in stand still traffic

    That’s would be a scary situation for sure. The fact that you haven’t had any recalls done yet is a red flag for me. I would take it in and have everything done so it’s up to date. I recently had some issues with the sync system. Found out that I was a version behind and used a USB to update...
  10. Diode Dynamics Fog Lights Installed

    Wow! Looks fantastic! Gotta snag a set myself 🤘
  11. Hybrid Maverick build mod updates: 17" Fuel wheels, Kumho tires, HRG 1.5" lift kit & more....

    Well done! Great choices with your mods! Mine is the same color 🤘
  12. Mia the Maverick build thread

    Damn sweet Mav! Everything looks amazing 🤘
  13. Upgrades to my area 51

    Great job with the mods! Looks awesome 🤘
  14. Sync resets every time vehicle is shut off

    Jeff, That’s the version I had as well and yep, there is a newer version, ends in 88 I believe. I can verify when I’m on my computer tomorrow morning. Yes, that’s the website that I logged into and entered my VIN. If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll drop it on Google Drive and send you a...
  15. Sync resets every time vehicle is shut off

    UPDATE RESOLVED - Although the truck indicated all of the updates were complete, the sync web page showed one available. I downloaded it and used a usb drive to update the software. Works as it sould now. I don't know if the OP is even reading these messages, however if so, give this a shot.
  16. Installed my new interior trim kit today (Muslogy)

    I just ordered a set as well!🤘
  17. Sync resets every time vehicle is shut off

    All of my updates are already complete. Will take it in for service.
  18. Sync resets every time vehicle is shut off

    Mine does the same thing but loses all the phones that were connected. Have to pair our phones each startup, which I won’t do. Gonna check the Ford Sync page and see if mine is the current version. May need to update software.