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  1. Does Anyone Drive an EB Infrequently and for Short Trips With No Battery Charge Issues?

    Ive had my '22 since July '22, 8700 miles, no battery issues, or any others. All available recalls complete except flasher firmware. That will be on my next, and 3rd, service at the dealer. I drive almost all short duration trips, just 2 a day of about 1.3 miles each. Running full synthetic.
  2. Touch Up Paint recommendations?

    Ford touch-up paint in the pen in Cactus Gray is a horrid match. YMMV
  3. Apple car play/radio/back up camera issues

    Every vehicle I have driven with any kind of CarPlay has intermittent connectivity issues. Good luck tracing them down, but it's almost always a bug in iOS/CarPlay and compatibility with the head unit. Apple puts out up to 15 or so updates a year. Shit breaks, gets fixed, breaks again. Beyond...
  4. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    no complaints, other than the dealer! its a great truck
  5. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    '22 Lariat AWD CP360 9 months after order I was robbed at the dealer July '22 8700 mi
  6. Lost Maverick Features

    At least they didn't remove things mid-model year like they did with temp readouts on the dial.
  7. 6 Recalls and counting

    I did the airbag recall, got the Yeti drink holder. Aint no big thang. Glad there's oversight and fixes provided.
  8. Hood squirts when braking in the rain.

    I’ve got a squirter too. It’s annoying. But I don’t care for the guard.
  9. Updated 2025 Maverick w/ larger vertical screen spotted!

    Ill order a '25 Lariat loaded if the screen is only used for entertainment/navigation/communication. If it incorporates HVAC controls and removes more physical switches, I won't. I need the tactile feel to find what I need when I can't momentarily take my eyes off the road.
  10. Are our headlights so bright that people are flashing us? I own a 2023 XL hybrid

    It's good to learn something new every day...thanks for posting this. I had no clue it was this easy. Actually easier than a 70's or 80's with those cheap flimsy frames and the recessed screw for adjusting.
  11. Installed the Escape digital dual HVAC control today in my 23 Lariat Hybrid

    I think it was about the 3rd week of May ‘22 that they stopped installing the digital readout. Mine was built early June and no -go. One of the threads had it down to the day if not the shift. I’m still bummed I didn’t get it.
  12. Muslogy Key Fob Cover

    damn thing is big enough as it is and never leaves my pocket when im out....why put a prophylactic on it?
  13. DID Ford remove the heated windshield wipers on the 2024 Lariat?

    My '22 always seems to have the mirror switch lit when I get in and it's 39˚ or lower. I've never checked my windshield...I will tomorrow though.
  14. Hyper Flash after Turn Signal Recall

    I should have repeated what I mentioned in an earlier post....I replaced my cargo and backup lights, but not turn signals (or brakes ).
  15. Hyper Flash after Turn Signal Recall

    Thanks...It's interesting that engaging the turn signal on a vehicle whose turn signals are stock would cause hyper flash.
  16. Hyper Flash after Turn Signal Recall

    I've not changed out my rear turn signal lamps, but I have the backups with D15 Lighting WT21W's and the cargo lights with Lasfit's. Because I haven't done the turn signal lamps, does anyone know if I will get hyper flash if the recall update is done?
  17. He's following me

    Say ya, eh?