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  1. Apple CarPlay OBD2 Display App

    Purchased and all setup, thanks! Works great with my VEEPEAK OBDCheck BLE
  2. Best Tailgate Lettering for Carbonized Gray?

    I went with matte black
  3. Infotainment Software Version on XLT?

    Ford.com will tell you if you have an update for Sync 3 on a Lariat but as far as I know no information for the base XL\XLT infotainment. That being said many have called it Sync 2.5 with very little infomation provided directly from Ford outside of being referred to as just Sync. Updates seem...
  4. My Pirelli Scorpion (stock FX4 tires) wear after 35K miles. How's yours?

    Speaking from a northern climate perspective with a lot of snow in the winter months, the Pirelli's were fine on the dry pavement and summer weather, and horrible in my opinion in the colder months. Proper driving etc they can handle snow, even with the assist of drive modes, but they were...
  5. Android Auto Question

    Not able to check at the moment but there is an option in the menu to not launch AA when you plug in your phone right away and stay on the Audio screen. Then if you tap on the AA button it will take you to your map app of choice (Waze for example)
  6. COBB Accessport install video on 2023 Maverick 2.0 EcoBoost by ISC

    Video popped up on my feed of ISC Suspension installing the COBB Accessport and 87 tune on their 2023 Maverick XL.
  7. DIY Bed Divider?

    Top corners. Could be much better but helps for now.
  8. DIY Bed Divider?

    No problem. It would add some thickness, but might only work out to 1/8-1/4" maybe? For ease of removing I would say no to spraying the sides to allow easier sliding in\out of the slot. The bigger issue is the DIY dividers moving back and forth in the slots, and making noise. Like others I...
  9. DIY Bed Divider?

    Been discussed before in previous posts. A lot of pictures to help you get an idea of what each setup looks like. Personally went with a single 2x6x10 cut and painted. Cheap to replace, does the job well, can be removed easily when carrying a load in the bed...
  10. Screen Brightness Issue

    It is an issue with all non Sync 3 head units, so XLT and XL. No firmware updates up to this date have fixed the issue, and appears to be more of a software limitation in this Sync 2.5.
  11. 2nd time transmission went out!!!!

    Same symptoms or different? Mine was hesitation from a dead start and issues shifting between 1-4 gear
  12. 8 Speed Auto Transmission problems

    Thanks for the reply. I wasn't concerned about the class action being filed but more so that the 10 speed in the F-150's was experiencing the same issues the 8 speed in the Maverick\Bronco\Escape was exhibiting. Still not sure what the route cause or link is to the issue I had, with these...
  13. COBB tune Stage 1 on Maverick 2.0 Ecoboost

    Looks like yes https://edgeautosport.com/edge-autosport-etune-ford-maverick-2-0t-2022-2023/
  14. COBB tune Stage 1 on Maverick 2.0 Ecoboost

    91 octane Sport base map followed by E50 custom tune on @Asaleigh's Maverick. Results / info from @Asaleigh: It made 303hp 346tq with just a warm air intake on e50. I got a meowless downpipe, intercooler and afe exhaust showing up this week. Gunna go back an do a max effort (stock turbo) dyno...
  15. Canadian After market accessories sites ??

    Depending on the item you are looking for, you can check Amazon .ca and .com. .com will ship up here for most items and you can do a quick calculation to see if it's worth the extra wait time\cost. Some items are only available from the US site. Ordered a few items cheaper from both. Simplest...
  16. COBB TUning Accessport for 2.0L Maverick!!!

    All good. I just wanted to confirm I hadnt missed anything myself. One of the things I noticed is most of the current tunes list for 93 octane and locally, 91 is the common premium option available, so this Cobb tune is perfect for me.
  17. COBB TUning Accessport for 2.0L Maverick!!!

    Maybe I missed it but where do you see 91HP gain? I see 91 Octane and 93 for the reference on the graphs and looks like 253 whp vs 226 whp on 93 vs stock
  18. COBB TUning Accessport for 2.0L Maverick!!!

    Looks like its up https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/accessport/accessport-for-ford-maverick-2-0l-ecoboost
  19. COBB TUning Accessport for 2.0L Maverick!!!

    very excited for this! Good find