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  1. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    Can't tell if this replaces the plate on the FX4. I can see a technician installing this plate incorrectly unless you carry the instructions with you. Especially with that unique insert nut. Never seen anything like that before.
  2. Remove Tailgate?

    Mine has a lock on it now. Dealership installed. He said it is real easy for someone to steal your tailgate in case they destroy or damage their own.
  3. Lurching while stopped

    My EB just did this yesterday. I backed up to the garage, put it in park, turned off the key and it lurched back and forth twice. Just so weird. Hope it does not do it again.
  4. My maverick is coming in this week and I am not buying it

    You could buy a new car here on the 1st and pay tax. Sell it on the 2nd and the state gets tax again. It is a racket.
  5. First forum, couldn't think of a better one to join!

    I bought one similar to this..maybe it was Mabbett, maybe it wasn't. The only thing I got from Ford was an oil change. I will use my points for oil changes.
  6. Help me black out my ford badges.

    epoxy paint
  7. When to do 1st first oil change? 2024 XLT Hybrid

    I did my first at 3000 miles. AWD, FX4, Ecoboost engine. I know the oil is very clean, but I also know that there is a lot of metal from the pistons seating and other metal parts. The Model T you see here gets a change every 500 miles. No filter. The oil is black, and the magnet inside the...
  8. My maverick is coming in this week and I am not buying it

    Not for my sake, but maybe state color, engine, and a few other things like which dealer.
  9. First forum, couldn't think of a better one to join!

    Mudflaps, wireless dongle, tray in center console, LED lights and that is just a start....
  10. Muffler leaking water in hybrid

    There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza.......
  11. New Maverick on the Price Is Right!

    Do you remember what she bid?
  12. Maverick Monday Episode 14

    After reading all the responses and watching some you tube videos of the CAT scale, I think my best bet is to go to a scale and weigh the car and trailer. Then as a double check, use a bathroom scale under the trailer jack and also under the tongue itself and see how close the CAT numbers are...
  13. How do you determine tongue weight?

    The car is a 1924 Model T speedster. You see it in my Avatar. Weighs about 1500 lbs. Two sheets of plywood on top of a chassis.
  14. How do you determine tongue weight?

    I have a 16 foot utility trailer to put my old car in. I also have an FX4 so I can tow 4000 pounds. What is the best way to determine the tongue weight so I have the car held down in the right place on the trailer? Thank you.
  15. Toung weight capacity?

    Are you certain that wheelchair is 400 pounds? My wife has a scooter that weighs about 230 pounds and it will carry a 500 pound person.
  16. Skid Plate Screw Nut replacement

    Maybe call a Ford body shop and ask them to look it up. They must have a way to do that.
  17. Maverick Monday Episode 14

    What is the best way to check the weight of your trailer so you know it is under 200 pounds or 400 pounds at the hitch?
  18. i accidentally made this thread [NO POLITICS, NO OFFENSIVE POSTS, NO NSFW]

    He has 2 pieces of paper just like I did. One with a pin hole in it.
  19. What Collision Deductible did you select for you Maverick?

    I believe mine is $500/$200 like the above and my liability is 1 mil.
  20. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    The driver side rear flap is in a sense open to allow crap to get in the truck behind it. I and others have added to the mudflap so it no longer does that. You just have to add a piece of plastic to make the mud flap complete. How I added to my Mabett Mudflap | MaverickTruckClub - 2022+ Ford...