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  1. Rear ended by a Taco!

    I just got rear ended by a damn Taco! Everyone is okay. My son and I got a little whiplash. I filed with my insurance and will get it checked out ASAP. My untrained eye doesn’t see much damage. We all know the Mav, so something could be lurking underneath.
  2. GM cancels Maverick rival.

    Interesting read. I’m dumb, but it feels like Ford is making the right moves. https://electrek.co/2024/02/22/gm-electric-ford-maverick-rival-pipe-dream/
  3. Representing our ever growing community... Maverick Truck Club sticker applied

    Thanks to @RDRahn for making the sticker and sending it my way. It’s the best 6 bucks I’ve ever spent! I’m not really into putting stickers on my vehicles, but I will happily represent this community.
  4. Why is my Mav doing this?

    The ICE kicked on immediately because I didn’t drive all weekend and 20 seconds in it started to make that sound. It went away after shifting into reverse. What is going on?! Don’t mind the 6 year old in the background.
  5. Show off those Maverick gifts!

    I got the tailgate spoiler. If the weather cooperates then I should get it on this week. Show off what you got!
  6. Hunting season

    When my wife and I first started dating we were young, dumb, and poor so we would often go on dates to the local mini golf arcade and spend $20 playing Buck Hunt. Now we are older, still dumb, and have some money so the game is in our house!
  7. 20,000 miles on the dot!

    I stopped at a light this morning and my mileage was exactly 20,000.0! I was going to do a 20k review, but I don’t have much to add to what others said. We all know the Mav drives beautifully, is very capable, and has quality issues. My Mav has made it so I will never own an ICE only because I...
  8. Sac 2 da Bay mpg

    That should raise my average! The AC was on the whole way.
  9. Maverick loaded for “camping”

    We are heading to a Jellystone for “camping” this weekend. I’m pretty pleased with all the stuff we fit! 4.5 feet is good enough for me.
  10. Sac 2 da Bay MPG

    From Sacramento to San Jose. I had the AC on most of the way.
  11. My lemon saga is ending

    I filed a lemon law claim for my Mav because it sat at the dealer for 69 days awaiting parts. The claim was approved and Ford offered me $23,700 for my Mav. I politely said no thanks. Then, my Mav was miraculously fixed on Thursday! The shimmy and rough idle are gone. I negotiated with Ford and...
  12. It’s officially a lemon!

    My truck has been at the dealer for exactly two months now. I had a check engine light. They thought it was the powertrain control module, but it ended up being the exhaust and muffler system. I filed a lemon law claim and Ford is repurchasing my truck. I’m so sad! I loved my truck.
  13. Maybe Ford should focus on quality

    My truck with 13,000 miles has been at the dealer waiting on a part for 44 days. Maybe Ford should focus on quality instead of drones. https://www.barrons.com/articles/ford-drones-dead-battery-tesla-1ce43f7b
  14. CEL caused by bad PCM

    The dealer called me today with an update on my check engine light. The PCM is bad. The part is back ordered with 50 coming on 3/6 and 20 coming 3/20, but he does not know the number of orders backed up. I miss my truck!
  15. Maverick on Stansfield

    My wife saw this hybrid XL on a walk earlier in the week so I had to get a closer look! The picture sucks. Who owns this Mav? I live nearby. As my son would say, “Wanna be best friends?”
  16. Cab spoiler installed

    After nearly 2 months, 1,000 f bombs, 2 caulk guns, and 1 ruined tube of adhesive, I finally installed the cab spoiler!
  17. Malfunction indicator! Service Engine Soon Warning

    I seriously thought I was going to escape the hybrid issues. Apparently not! I have an appointment on Monday for the airbags anyway. I hope she makes it home today!
  18. Adhesive to install the cab spoiler ?

    Long story short, I need more adhesive to install the cab spoiler but I am struggling finding an exact replacement. It came with 3m 540 adhesive. Can I use a similar product? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  19. Caulk blocked

    I went to put the cab spoiler on only to discover that I needed a caulk gun! Buying things to put my accessories on is just a symptom of my accessoritis. I can live with the disease.
  20. Maverick hybrid handles standing water

    I probably should not have done this. My Mav, in Slippery, handled it like a champ. “Oh, my god.”