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  1. Old wheels with new tire combination

    19 x 9.5 +45 offset Rotiforms Buc M Tires 245 45Z R19 FALKEN AZENIS F510
  2. Issue with instrument cluster. Question security code

    I keep getting this error everytime i try to work on the instrument cluster. Anyone knows what could it be?
  3. Paddle Shifters install on Maverick XL -- DIY install instructions, photos & video

    updated just in case Forscan Settings Parts list of things needed for the conversion will add them here later on. UPDATED 12/5/23 IF YOU DONT WANT HEATED AND LANE DEPARTURE ON YOUR XL MAVERICK YOU MIGHT NOT NEED TO BUY THE STEERING CONTROL MODULE. AS THE XL COMES WITH THE PINS. Steering...
  4. DIY: How to Add Heated Steering Wheel to an XL Maverick

    Will need to enable Heated steering wheel with Forscan. I will Post tomorrow the captures screen of the process . i hope this help feel free to ask any question if needed. Parts Needed for heated Steering wheel Ford Escape or Maverick that comes with heated wheel . Steering Control module...
  5. Thinking of Making my own 2.3

    As i posted before on my built page i did not seem to find any real differences between the engine block between the 2.3 and the 2.0 . other than the crank rods and pistons. i might waste my money on this but i think its worth trying. Anyone thinking of doing the same i can post stuff of the...
  6. To the experts question.

    hi im trying to acces the Gear Selector Module with forscan cant seem to find it in modules . any other ways i can get to that option any help will be appreciated thanks .
  7. 19 inch wheels only post them here and tire combo.

    Im trying to see your guys combinations im curious because im thinking on changing off set on mine and tire size. Heres Mine Rotiforms Buc M White discs are aerodisc made by rotiforms 19 x 8.5 + 45 offset Tires are 235 55 R 19
  8. Anyone would like to donor ?

    Looking for someone with either FX4 Front bumper broken or what ever conditions you may find it. Trying to make a front bumper valance just looking for a used lower bumper part of the fx4 let me know thanks i would pay for shipping.
  9. To the tremors owners

    Is it really worth it spending the money. I have a chance buying one cheap with out msrp next week. Just wondering your guys opinions.
  10. Big brake upgrades anyone yet?

    I install some EbC brake pads and they supposedly are made for focus . And they worked fine the other day i went to the track they are noisy at times but they worked really good. Anyone thinking of messing with focus rs brake see if they fit?
  11. TSB 22-2104 – Driver or Passenger Side Seat Noise – Seat Pan Looseness / Lateral Movement

    TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Seat Pan Looseness, Lateral Movement, Or Clunk/Thump Noise On Turns If anyone has this issue they wont replace your seat . Ford just suggested this repair procedure.
  12. Eibach Maverick AWD Pro-Alignment Rear Camber Arm Kit - +/-2.5 ?

    anyone install this control arms yet trying to see if they fit the mavericks .
  13. F-150 Fog Lamp Switch and Wire Harness Installed in Maverick - DIY

    I wanted to Install Some Ford Fog Lamps on the Truck and seem that Ford Escape as the same Bcm conector as the Ford Maverick. I Checked and Found that Ford Escape , Ford F150 and Ford explorer had similar headlamp switch. I Found one on Ebay that came from a Ford f150 with the factory fog lamp...
  14. 3D Printer Fog lamp Base?

    anyone feels like making a 3d printed fog lamp base? let me know what you need from me im thinking we could make one for the mavericks f150 fog lamps
  15. Issue here after recall done.

    If you guys get the abs module reprogram done you may experience a service light on after the recall . If anyone have done the recall let me know im trying to figure out if its a reprogram issue or i probably will need to put the truck back to old forscan abs reprogram
  16. Virginia 2022 ford maverick suspension

    I have a hyr lowering springs for escape with 4 ford maverick shocks and struts included for sale. 250 asking price.
  17. 22 XL VB Paddle shifters ,f150 Fog light Switch and Fog lights, Rotiforms Wheels Scale Suspension lowered and much more Oem Ford Accesories.

    Bought it on December. Got it at 25k out of the door on March. Im employee on a Ford Dealer. My Motivation to buy my Maverick was the Sema mav. XL with 4k tow package here some pictures of it. From PDI to Detailed and tag.
  18. Car Show on Manassas VA

  19. Front bumper valance ?

    Front bumper valance any of you guys install one or know where we can find one that will fit?
  20. Mk8 steering wheel install on Xl

    Well i originally bought the weel so i can have the cruse control installed. Tried to enable it with forscan left side not working. But the wheel swap just swap the harness and was good to go heres how it looks . Ford fiesta wheel