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  1. NOT the smallest vehicle in the parking lot,,,,,,

    Something different than next to giant trucks,,,,, HRG
  2. Has anyone identified a switched +12V behind the rear seat (non-hybrid)?

    Thinking about adding a back window dashcam, if there's a switched 12V source that someone has identified, it would be easier than running a cord up to the under-dash fuse panel. Trying to avoid poking a bunch of wires if one has already been found. Thanks, HRG
  3. Dashcam location

    Can I ask you guys to post some pics of how you have your dashcams mounted? I've got a Garmin 67W, and with the 180-degree lens, something is always in the way. I'd like to avoid mounting it too low, and try to keep it in a non-obtrusive spot to avoid broadcasting that it's even there. Thanks, HRG
  4. Keyless entry door keypad,,,

    Damn, we got screwed,,,,, https://accessories.ford.com/2024-bronco-sport-illuminated-keyless-entry-keypad-m1pz14a626ab HRG
  5. Micro3 fuse tap that fits

    Looking to purchase a Micro3 fuse tap for position 1/2 (switched power), lots of reviews on Amazon indicate having to trim the base to fit. Anyone find one that fit well, or all they all the same? Thanks, HRG
  6. Illinois Sold: JCR Offroad 2.0 EB Engine Cover

    New, never installed JCR Offroad engine cover w/hardware for 2.0 EcoBoost. Prefer pickup in West Chicago IL 60185, but can discuss shipping if needed at extra charge. $150 product page https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/BSGNC.html HRG
  7. 24 Lariat ambient lighting ?

    Tried turning the ambient lighting back on, and only the drivers-side footwell illuminated. Was there de-contenting, or am I headed to the dealer? I thought both footwells had the feature, but I'm not sure. HRG
  8. Illinois Sold: 2024 Lariat BAP wheels w/TPMS

    Set of 4 OEM wheels, new in 12/2023. 18" x 7", 5 x 108 bolt pattern. Include TPMS sensors, as well of choice of Ford or Bronco Sport center caps. Pickup in West Chicago IL 60185, or can meet nearby after receipt of deposit. $550
  9. Cyber Orange/Chicago/Long-McArthur (@ north side of Chiberia)

    Went to an event in the north side of Chiberia tonight, had to laugh when a Cyber Orange Maverick, with IL plates, sporting a Long-McArthur sticker on the tailgate, drove past me. You on here? HRG
  10. 18" BAP wheels in gloss black?

    I'm having a hard time warming-up to the matt black finish, they always seem to look dirty. Had a local wheel shop quote $500 to re-powder coat the set with a gloss finish, any thoughts? HRG
  11. Ford tracking site & Firefox

    Anyone else having problems with the site working using Firefox? Once I add the order & VIN#, and get past the captcha, it just sits there. Switching to MS Edge, it works like it should. HRG
  12. Heated mirror temp setting

    Anyone know if the temp setting that activates the heated mirrors is adjustable via Forscan? Seems silly to have that feature come on when the outside temp is nearly 50F. HRG
  13. Sync 3 w/Navigation, who pays?

    OK, so I'm a COF (Cheap Old Fart), but having taken delivery of my '24 Lariat yesterday, I have to ask; is my cell phone providing the data link for the navigation system, or are map updates uploaded when a WiFi signal is available? I currently only have a 1gb/month usage plan, does Ford assume...
  14. JCR Offroad engine cover

    This just came across my FB feed,,, https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/BSGNC.html HRG
  15. Weathertech Bronco Sport rear All-Weather floor mats (NOT trays/Liners)

    Has anyone tried to see if the BS mats for the rear floor will fit? I have their front mats, but they don't list a set of rears for the Mav. Not interested in liners or trays w/high sides. Thanks, HRG
  16. Air Design Maverick at SEMA 2023

    Courtesy of Kenneth Debol HRG
  17. Anyone have a Atlas Blue BAP w/Air Design flares?

    I'm thinking it would be a good look to continue the matt black around the wheelwells, curious if anyone has done yet? Thanks, HRG
  18. How tall/deep do my lug nuts need to be?

    A local Auto Zone had 14 x 1.5 open-end lug nuts in stock, so to satisfy my curiosity of how tall of a lug nut is required, I bough a set, Dorman # 711-606. These have a 3/4" hex size, same as my boat trailer lug nus. My rig is a '23 w/ FX4 wheels, as you can see, the end of the stud is pretty...
  19. Thank you Ford Marketing for talking me off the ledge!

    They talked me off the edge this morning. I placed a '24 order 4pm Monday afternoon, and never received the order confirmation email from Ford. My dealer has not been responding to my requests for order confirmation, but my Sales Rep was able to scan and send me the Preview sheet time stamped...
  20. What 225/60R18 tires are coming on BAP (Black Appearance Package) wheels?

    Lariat AWD if it makes a difference. Thanks, HRG