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  1. Save the Dash Cubby!

    With the spy photos of the next gen Maverick, it looks like Ford is getting rid of the beloved (and highly controversial dash cubby) in favor of a larger infotainment screen. I say we ban together and start a write in campaign to stop Ford from removing this awesome unique Maverick feature...
  2. Ford Performance Sports Bar (Keko) is Awesome!

    I lucked out and picked up the Ford Accessory Sport Bar on black Friday on line for 25% off and was able to use my Ford Points to pay for it. So far I have had several compliments on how cool it is. It really works with the cyber orange IMO.
  3. Letho's Law Maverick custom sale

    I wish he gave more info, but it is nice that it is getting media attention.

    Just came out from Ford.
  5. Parked next to Black Alaska'n Maverick in South Dakota

    When I pulled into the parking lot of a fine eating establishment I saw this XL beauty parked, and thought I would park right next to them. I never saw the driver, so I was hoping that they might be a member here. And Welcome to South Dakota!
  6. Look what my Mom made for me!

    She knows how much I love my new truck and constantly talk about it, so she put her painting skills to work and made this for me to hang up in my office. It is not a Picasso but, dang it, it is one of the Best Christmas presents I have ever got from her. You can tell that she put a lot of...
  7. 📝 (12/14/22) – 2023 MAVERICK AVAILABILITY MEMO Allows Order Switch From Hybrid to EcoBoost! + New Discount Package + Current Constraints Info

    Ford has updated their communication about Maverick builds and is giving dealers and customers a chance to change their options.

    Contact your dealer to have the parts ordered for your Maverick!
  9. OFFICIAL MEMO: 2022 Maverick Hybrid order cancellations and automatic transition to 2023MY

    INFORMATION Action Requested - 22MY Maverick Hybrid Order Cancellations - Follow Up ACTION REQUESTED Please be aware that 22MY Maverick Hybrid orders with a scheduled production date after November 25th should be considered part of the Maverick order cancellation process – the plan is to...
  10. Fair Warning, some 22 Maverick's might be canceled.

    There is no official word, yet, that Ford will be canceling some of the remaining 22 Maverick orders, but I thought that I would share that this week ford announced that they would be canceling some of the Escape and Transit Connect. 10/12/22 And today, 10/14, they announced the same for...
  11. Ford dropping AM radio from SYNC

    You thought not having a CD player was bad, It looks like Ford will be dropping AM radio on some models.

    I can't remember who posted this issue, but it look like there is a recall rolling out about it. UPDATE: FORD HAS A RE-PROGRAM FIX FOR ISSUE:
  13. Maverick Air Bag Recall, No info until September.

    UPDATE: See this new thread with recall notice and details: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/nhtsa-maverick-side-airbag-recall-notice.18940/ ORIGINAL POST: So we won't know anything until September
  14. If it is too loud, then your too old!

    And dang it, I must be too old. :eek: For being a cheap system, it does hit the lows and highs pretty well. I kept reading threads about how weak the stereo system is, and I don't know about yours but I can't turn it up past 12 (on FM) without feeling like I am about to blow my ear drums. If...
  15. This is the e-mail coming at 3PM today (6/29) to unscheduled order holders

    For those that might have missed it in the other thread, here is the e-mail that is going out today.
  16. Cyber Orange Mav is Home!

    Wow, it has been a wild 8 months waiting in anticipation for my new Maverick. I was worried that there would be hickups but there were none and it has surpassed my expectations! I was able to use my D-plan, price protection, and 1.9% for 60mo. There was only a $100 doc fee. I can't believe...
  17. New Ford email: Co-Pilot36 package, XLT Luxury package, and Lariat Luxury package face strongest constraints

    ACTION REQUESTED Please ensure your Consultants are aware of these communications going out to Maverick Unscheduled Retail Order Holders SUMMARY Good afternoon, As was referenced in the previous maverick communication that went out February 21st, the combination of extraordinary demand and...