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  1. $1100 per wheel from Ford, I am just too old. :(

    Like "I hate Speedbumps" said (Post #25) I too have Michelin Defender tires 235/60/18 on Mustang Mach E wheels. They are the best tire out there (my 4th set, various vehicles). Over 100K each set. I found the wheels on local Cragislist for $300. My 18" Bronze wheels also from Craigslist...
  2. Door kick panel protection

    they have double sided tape on the back of them. They are very solid so far (about 2 weeks)
  3. Door kick panel protection

    I have these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/375184241736 I offered $26. and they accepted. EDIT: Sorry I just realized you wanted protection for the door panel.
  4. Farm Bureau Special offer that ended 4/2/2024

    I never heard of the $750 FB personal offer (already over). Just the normal $500. regular offer, which I have used three of them.
  5. Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover recommendations?

    That is the reason I like this type of tri-fold. There are no side rails to deal with. If I want to haul my motorcycles, I just remove the cover completely (4 clamps) and store it in the garage.
  6. Mud flap compatibity w/ Air Design Fender Flares

    I installed my Mabett flairs with generic (ebay) mudflaps on mine with no modification needed. I believe Mabett mud flaps work better, because they do not conform to the fender (they are flat).
  7. Recalls

    I'm holding off as long as possible. Everything works great right now, I don't want it all screwed up over an unnecessary update. I will wait until Ford gets their chit together on these updates. I know some have no problems with updated, but others have had a nightmare. I just feel that it...
  8. Painted (plasti-dip) stock XL rims

    I like what you did. I think that closed end lug nuts would look much better on your set up.
  9. Hybrid owners that had the computer update recalls. Any issues afterward?

    I'm holding off as long as possible. Everything works great right now, I don't want it all screwed up over an unnecessary update.
  10. Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover recommendations?

    Lookie what came today. Super happy with the outcome (see post #5 & #12 in this thread). I did not even use the weather seal yet, since I had the old seal from my soft tri-fold). I do wish this cover was about 1/2 to 1 inch longer, but it still covers the entire bed. This top also has...
  11. Fender flair

    I got mine when they were on sale for $90. I had to use a heat gun to get them to fit right (also some clear silicone). Overall, I am happy with the results.
  12. Hybrid Floor Mats installed

    Wow! Your chit gets dirty up there in MI....lol I get a few specks of sand on mine and I'm contemplating getting out the vacuum.
  13. Tailgate Lettering in Tremor Orange (on black Maverick)

    it's not my truck. you can get safety orange in Raptor liner too, there are tons of different colors. https://www.ebay.com/itm/352166317851
  14. Door Sill Recommendations

    Just installed these door sill protectors (https://www.ebay.com/itm/375184241736) They are $11. cheaper then post #9. Added some chrome bling to "The Twinkie"
  15. Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover recommendations?

    I just ordered this Hard Tri-Fold the other day https://www.ebay.com/itm/285281574189. I offered $326. and they accepted, so total was $354. Expected delivery tomorrow, so I will post some photos when I get it put on. I sold my soft tri-fold in the photos with the Blue 24 XL Hybrid today.
  16. Tailgate Lettering in Tremor Orange (on black Maverick)

    Not mine duke nukm! just passing it along......(y)
  17. Tailgate Lettering in Tremor Orange (on black Maverick)

    This might be too much, but I thought you might want to know about it.
  18. New shoes for my maverick XL

    That wheel & Tire set up is "Tits". Can't wait to see them on your truck! I would have gone with 235 or 245, but that is me. I had 265/60/18 on my AWD with no rubbing on stock suspension. Good luck with yours
  19. JP4AZ

    Arizona Maverick Meetup Club

    Welcome, I am sort of an old fart at 60yrs young! I live in North Phoenix
  20. Help me pick wheels and tires please.

    I have had both XL & XLT. (Currently have an XL Hybrid for sale in Marketplace). I have to say that I think the XL is a better deal and better looking interior. You can always find deals on wheels and tires. So far I have changed out my wheels and tires on all my Mavericks (and happen to...