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  1. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    Ignore the incredible cinematography from my 15 yr old 😂. Here’s sound from the backseat of us getting up to speed at about 40mph if it’s useful. Once you’re off the gas and cruising, the Trail Rated is pretty quiet IMO and I still hear more road noise than exhaust. It’s most noticeable at low...
  2. Help me black out my ford badges.

    I used the badge blackout kit from dipyourcar and it has held up incredibly well for almost 3 years now
  3. LIFTED: Cactus Gray Maverick FX4 on 2" inch Eibach Springs w/ Fifteen52 Traverse MX Wheels and Firestone Destination AT 245/70/17 Tires

    yes you can adjust in ForScan and also with a tuner like the Cobb Accessport but there is a limit. I could only get a bit closer to my 245/65 size when I did it.
  4. Easiest way to remove FX4 sticker

    Hair dryer and a bit of patience will work just fine.
  5. mdl20813

    Cactus Grey Maverick Club

    Finally wrapped my “planned” 2024 updates. Now I can focus on getting RTT back on and ready for camping season! And yes I know there’s a screw in my tire! 😂
  6. Husky Liner Weatherbeaters now available.

    Saw StickerFab has the Ecoboost front & rear set on sale for $85 right now.
  7. mdl20813 BUILD: Cactus Gray “Mav 1”

    Vroom vroom
  8. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    Yep i'm aware
  9. mdl20813 BUILD: Cactus Gray “Mav 1”

    I’m sure it is. That grill just all comes from the same place in China
  10. mdl20813 BUILD: Cactus Gray “Mav 1”

    yes. I mentioned in the MRT Exhaust thread that I knew that was there. Never fails to happen for me😂
  11. mdl20813 BUILD: Cactus Gray “Mav 1”

    that link says “page not found” for me but all those Raptor style grills are the same from what I’ve seen.
  12. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    Oh this will do nicely. Thanks @MRTperformance for the great product, fast shipping and extras! And yes, I do know I have a screw in my tire.
  13. mdl20813 BUILD: Cactus Gray “Mav 1”

    Slapped on my Trail Rated SideKick exhaust from @MRTperformance tonight after it showed up. Love it so far. Great sound that isn’t overbearing and no more pipe dangling behind the rear axle. And yes, I know I have a screw in the tire 😂😒
  14. Lasfit Customer Service Warning

    Agree, they've gone out of their way to do right by me on a couple things. I'm also starting to wonder, since the OP has been radio silent in this thread since I asked, if they just hadn't bothered to flip the bulb around (being polarity sensitive).
  15. Gotta ask (camping)

    Similar to bgn, we tend to go out to National Forest and BLM land. My kids love Jordan Valley / Leslie Gulch in OR bc its a quick drive, has multiple water options, hiking and is easy to find spots where you'll never see another person
  16. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    This has become my sole focus this week. Kids? Kick rocks! Work? Is someone bleeding or dead? Yard Work? It's just an extra driveway to install my new Side Kick anyway.
  17. Lasfit Customer Service Warning

    I'll assume you've done the basics of flipping the bulb around and plugging it in trying the reverse polarity? I'm sure Lasfit will get you squared away regardless. You know, once they are done having the nerve to employee people who may have English as a second language.....
  18. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    I expect to spend my days looking longingly at the side exit location until mine arrives :LOL:
  19. mdl20813 BUILD: Cactus Gray “Mav 1”

    Got too good of a price to pass up giving it a shot so I swapped on the RC 2” Strut lift kit over the weekend. So far ride quality is much cleaner than my spacer lift. Had 1 noise in the drivers front side after install but it ended up being the brake rotor shield slightly out of place after...