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  1. 🤓 Setting up FDRS and Programming Wireless Keypad

    You are truly amazing EONR24, first all the finds and spreadsheet for Forscan and now this.
  2. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    Mine is still sitting in the box, you guys are giving me the push to install it.
  3. New Member

    Looks great, enjoy your new ride.
  4. Newbie here

    I bow down to you... 😁
  5. Factory Remnants

    I think the guy that found the Hermosillo workers badge in his Mav has you beat :)
  6. Newbie here

    Welcome to the MTC, enjoy your new ride! I've got you beat by 3 cars, had 56 in my 66 years.
  7. Thinking of trading in 22 hybrid for 24

    I'd agree with some of the others, at this point I would wait for the refreshed '25. Doubt your '22 Hybrid is going to depreciate much in that timeframe.
  8. Guide to 2024 Maverick Wheels

    Thank god the Lariat Tremor comes with the 17" special Tremor wheels. I agree, the 18" wheels look awful.
  9. TheShark

    Maverick Old Farts

    @Alabama Maverick Owner Welcome to the MOF. Glad you are enjoying your new Mav. Man, you certainly did better than me in the first car department. My first car was a '76 Pontiac Sunbird, what a POS. Had the Vega aluminum block engine that would not start below 32 degrees, not something good when...
  10. Add MyQ garage door opener app to display screen ?

    I looked on eBay at my purchase history and I was wrong, it came from a '23 Escape Platinum not a '20, though they should be the same. Here is a picture of the connector. Much more like the Mav.
  11. Dash cubby rubber liner?? Who sells them?

    Lariats do, XL's don't. We got something for all that extra money. :)
  12. Add MyQ garage door opener app to display screen ?

    Sorry, I don't have a part number, I got mine off of eBay. Mine came off a '20 Escape. It certainly has a different style plastic mount than the BS. Someone else had done one with a BS visor and said it fit, guess it only sort of fits.
  13. Tremor on the beach

    I'd agree, Cactus Grey is a great color that looks good on the Tremor.
  14. Introducing MRT Maverick Tremor Exhaust Options!

    I wonder if one of those is mine? 😁
  15. Tailgate Lettering in Tremor Orange (on black Maverick)

    Unfortunately the guy I got it from on Ebay is sold out. Was a great deal at $30. The part number is ML3Z-9942528-AC, do a search and see what you come up with. This is the cheapest one I found...
  16. Tremor on the beach

    I've driven my Bronco many times on the beaches of NC but I would think twice about driving the Tremor. It really depends on the sand, if it's hard packed then no problem but I've been on soft deep sand that gave my '23 Bronco Wildtrak a workout.
  17. 2024 Maverick XLT Tremor

    If you do a search on Forscan there is a dedicated thread on the seatbelt warning screen and you will find threads on how to use Forscan. I have a Lariat Tremor and was able to disable the screen and chime.
  18. A matter of perspective

    I have to remind folks that my '23 4dr Bronco is 10" shorter than my '24 Maverick. The Bronco easily fits in my garage, the Maverick barely fits.
  19. Can a Lariat owner test this coding?

    I second that, works on my stock Lariat cluster as well.