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  1. Installed the Ford Tailgate Applique This Weekend

    Small world- not only am I in the Tampa Bay area, but I had the identical C-Max (in Ruby Red) until I totaled it in Largo. Damn, I miss that little vehicle!
  2. Best Fuel economy on a hybrid

    I haven't reset my trip odometer for the last 4 fill-ups, and it's reading 48.1 mpg for that period. Here's my style of driving: I accelerate quickly (but not aggressively) to the speed limit (usually 45 mph) then back right off the gas; forcing the vehicle into electric mode. I "feather" the...
  3. Hiding the fire extinguisher in plain sight

    Let's hope I never have to find out!
  4. Longest Time Between Deposit and Receiving Your Maverick

    If you're willing to forego your deposit, contact the dealer I bought from: Van Bortel Ford in East Rochester, NY. They do all business on a handshake, and you'll get your truck. Mine took about 14 months because I tried to order a 2022 after the cutoff date, but then was moved to spot number...
  5. Longest Time Between Deposit and Receiving Your Maverick

    Ford won't do anything: they'll say this is between the consumer and the dealer.
  6. Jiffy Lube -You had One Job!

    The one near my work place always hard a hard time keeping the "J" lit on their sign, causing it to read "Iffy Lube." At least they complied with our local Truth-In-Advertising laws...
  7. Hiding the fire extinguisher in plain sight

    I know it ain't elegant, but it's a perfect fit. The wadded-up white paper napkin is to keep it from rattling.
  8. Help me out with the order please

    "...Doc fee of $699? WTF!!!..." Ford dealers in the Tampa Bay area are charging anywhere from $799-$1299 doc fee.
  9. Help me out with the order please

    I ordered my XLT Hybrid from Van Bortel Ford in East Rochester, NY. I paid invoice (about $800 below MSRP) + $175 dealer fee + $12.50 temporary tag that gave me 30 days to get the truck back to Florida. I then went to Florida DMV and paid sales tax and tags, no other fees. Invoice is what...
  10. Costco auto.com/invoicepricing.com

    I just tried to build a hybrid on their site, and got this message: "Pricing for this accessory (hybrid) is not available at this time." I have yet to see one of these pricing services that's ever provided an "unbeatable" price; if anything, their pricing often is not competitive due to fees...
  11. Ford Protect Extended Warranty question

    "...But the very fact they continue to push & sell them is rather telling..." I honestly don't think these huge corporations REALLY know what stuff costs to repair these days, or a part's true longevity. Case in point: the headlights. I saw somewhere in these forums that you can't replace the...
  12. Ford Protect Extended Warranty question

    I'm sure "mcc63303" can clarify this (perhaps it's changed?), but PremiumCare is an "exclusionary" product, as where the other two offer "stated items" coverage. The difference? Exclusionary means you get a list of what's NOT covered; if it's not on the list and it fails, they have to replace...
  13. Maverick Front Grill

    Damn, that looks good! Been thinkin' about doing that my XLT (Hot Pepper Red), but now I know for sure! Can I ask what the body shop charged you?
  14. How to turn off seat belt alarm if your Manual's instructions don't work. [For Hybrid and probably Ecoboost Too] - DIY

    I've tried every one of these ridiculous combinations and NOTHING works. I have a few issues that I need looking at the first oil change, I'm just going to tell the dealer to turn the damn thing off. I must have at least an hour invested in this nonsense an hour of my life I will never get back.
  15. This is what Ford should produce in the Maverick

    And yet, people on here are complaining all the time that their truck has been on order for XX months and still no word as to when it will arrive. Doesn't sound like demand has been met, at least when it comes to the hybrid. The dealer I bought my '23 from is one of the largest in New York...
  16. This is what Ford should produce in the Maverick

    I love it, but until Ford can meet demand, where's the incentive to be build ANY variations at this point? It's not difficult to imagine King Ranch/ Platinum/ STX variations as well, but again: why invest in all of that when you can't meet the demand for what's already out there?
  17. Florida Sold: Right-side XLT outside rearview mirror

    I ripped mine off after backing up and hitting a mailbox. I've seen where some guys are parting out their totaled Mavericks, but after nearly an hour's search do you think I can find their posts? Anyways, sure would like to replace this missing mirror without making the billionaire that owns the...
  18. Will maverick last over 150k with mostly highway driving?

    You might go 500,000 miles without any problems at all. Or, your engine could bite the dust tomorrow. While most engines in most vehicles today are lasting well into 6 digits on the odometer, you're asking us if YOUR engine will last a long time. If I were THAT psychic, I wouldn't be living in a...
  19. Rustproofing Best Product

    Anybody remember "Electronic Rust Proofing?" I believe people actually went to jail over their outrageous claims.
  20. Rustproofing Best Product

    I was in car sales a long time, and it got to a point where I refused to sell Ziebart under any circumstances (much to the chagrin of management, but oh well... I needed to sleep at night). There are many issues, but the top two are: Ziebart employees are notorious liars, and while the Ziebart...