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  1. Passenger airbag ON/OFF notification panel removal

    I have several rattles in my Maverick. The very worst one is in the area where the "Passenger Airbag ON / OFF" notification lights are. Is it OK to remove the screws in that area to open the panel (panel length shown by green line) and look for possible causes of the mf rattle from hell? I don't...
  2. Maintenance/Service History Log

    Maybe this is already posted here and I just overlooked, but TIL you don't need to keep the app on your mobile to log your maintenance & service history in your account. Just login at Ford Maverick Truck Service History either on your mobile or a PC.
  3. Arkansas Takeoffs Steelies & Continentals

    Takeoffs, steel wheels & OEM Continentals with 199 miles on 'em. Wheels & tires sold as a set only. $400
  4. Leo is in the building

    I'm not an astrology nut, but my truck was built under the sign of Leo. So I thought that would be a fitting name for my Maverick. Leo is at the dealership and I'm going to pick him up this afternoon. About a 380-day wait will soon be over. 2023 🌵 Hybrid XL with CP360 & rubber bed mat...
  5. Rail delivery question

    I contacted Ford Customer Service today about my truck delivery status and they said: The status of your vehicle order is "Arrived at Rail." The railcar/vehicle has arrived at a mixing center or ramp and is available for unloading. Railcar# TTGX978543 (Norfolk Southern Corp). My Window...
  6. MAX A/C and Recirculate question

    My truck should be delivered soon. While looking at a friend's truck, I noticed the climate control has a Recirculate button and a MAX A/C button. Do each of these buttons accomplish the same thing when using A/C, or does the MAX A/C setting do something more, in addition to recirculating cabin...
  7. Shocking.

    I 'bout fell out of my chair this morning when I checked the tracker and was greeted with this nice message: Now, the worst wait begins. The shipping process.
  8. Engineering a marvel of a Maverick hybrid transmission

    Interesting article from 2022 on the HF45 eCVT. https://www.sae.org/news/2022/04/engineering-fords-new-hf45-hybrid-transmission
  9. Baby steps

    The tracker is finally showing my truck "In Production." Maybe I'll actually get it by my birthday in October. .
  10. How long do you plan to keep your Maverick?

    How long do you plan to keep your Ford Maverick Truck?