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  1. Can’t go any longer. 20’ wood

    Upright bars. Need TWO of them per cross bar I ONLY installed ONE cross bar in pickup bed. 18 inch will clear cab BUT I recommend for lumber and cab cross bar make them 21 inch . https://www.tnutz.com/product/ex-1515-black/ Then to attach the bar to the Elevate rails and cross bar you need the...
  2. Can’t go any longer. 20’ wood

    I use yakima roof bars and I made my own rear bar using the elevate RAILS only and Tnutz upright bars and amazon cross bar. If you want I could go into detail on how to do it. I transport longer kayaks into the 18 foot range which is similar if I wanted to transport long 20 foot wood 2 by 10...
  3. Can’t go any longer. 20’ wood

    That is breaking US code sticking out that far. Since you are rural maybe no issue with local law enforcement . Try that where I am at you will get ticked. Much safer to use roof rack cross bar on cab and one on back of bed like I do,. Yes it cost way more. Maybe for occasional use you can get...
  4. Lurching while stopped

    My 2023 xlt hybrid does it too. BUT only if gas engine is running, If you put it into neutral goes away. Typically gas engine isn't running at stop light unless engine is cold. Hence many say at first stop light. Not sure if its a REAL problem or not,. I have 6200 miles Got in August 2023 .
  5. Hybrid problems after recalls done (software based)

    One helpful suggestion on threads like this,. Say WHICH recall you had done . Right now i have the light bulb recall and the gauge cluster recall on my 2023 XLT Hybrid. NOT done either. Not sure i ever will.
  6. Hitting 10,000 miles this week. Loves and hates.

    Only one comment on the tires. I am in Buffalo NY area. I bought snows Blizzak WS-90. I took them off March 4th since its been so warm here. After that we did have two snows. Nothing big but covered roads. Man those stock tires SUCK in snow. Slam brakes you just keep on going and going,. I have...
  7. 2024 Eco Boost Fuel Economy

    Wow that highway MPG is HIGH. My last vehicle before my Hybrid Maverick got average of 25 BUT highway was no better that 29.7 mpg.
  8. Venting: WTF!!! I have no patience!!

    Are you really complaining that modifying your vehicle isn't easier? Really? Ford doesn't make it so you can change what they did. They do that with you paying MORE money buying top of the line lariat to start .
  9. Can’t go any longer. 20’ wood

    You need a cross bar on the cab. Here is a 17.3 foot kayak on my setup.
  10. Is there a tow point on front bumper?

    Humm okay. Makes me wonder why no threaded whole in bumper like my past vehicles. BUT if all tow operators know how to use it that I guess its okay. I just was wondering.
  11. Is there a tow point on front bumper?

    Okay thanks. Once it stops raining here i will have to take a look. So I assume threaded hole or holes and tow truck would have something to connect. Not that I ever want to have to be towed. lol.
  12. Is there a tow point on front bumper?

    My last 3 cars all had on the front bumper a little plastic piece that would pop out of front bumper with a threaded hole under it . In the spare tire area there was this large I-hook that would thread into front bumper hole in case the car needed to be hauled up onto a flat bed of what ever...
  13. Recalls

    CA and MA keep track if you did recall? Wow!!.
  14. Recalls

    I would stay away from that recall. Any reprogram for emission to ME is a red flag. I don't want it. Sure we can reprogram to lower emission but who cares if it reeks havoc on the way the vehicle drives afterward.
  15. Recalls

    I got a second letter for my 2023 XLT Hybrid 24C01/NHTSA Recall 24V140 Something about gauge cluster plus a letter a month or so ago for bulb thing. I have done none so far . I will wait it out till mid summer to see if all seems to be sorted out.
  16. Five months from order to delivery

    I wonder why some insurance goes up and some down. My gieco went down about 125 every six months from my 2020 ford Ecoport SE AWD. My sept 16th 2022 order took until mid August 2023.
  17. FINALLY, FORScan coding to disable the Seatbelt Information Screen! (CONFIRMED WORKING)

    NOT the same with hybrid . Eco probably does nothing on the 2.0. You can mostly drive one foot in Eco on the hybrid. It slows down much faster in eco mode. BIG noticeable difference. So much so I look in rear view mirror so I dont get rear ended.
  18. FINALLY, FORScan coding to disable the Seatbelt Information Screen! (CONFIRMED WORKING)

    I need to get forscan. I hate that I can NOT right away click center console button into Eco mode on my hybrid,. I have to first hit the dam steering wheel button to clear this seat belt crap till its off then I can go into Eco mode. I bet anyone who says it doesn't bother them never go into...