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  1. What is everyone's Hybrid Maverick highway fuel economy MPG?

    At 60mph... about 50mpg. At highway speeds (80mph)... about 35mpg.
  2. Dumb question - Why are the mud flaps on the Maverick

    I did not. I went another route and had the remaining 3 removed.
  3. Poll, Hybrid owners with NO problems

    22 Hybrid XLT delivered April 2022. 21,000+ miles with no problems. A few outstanding recalls, but I'm not fixing something that isn't broken.
  4. 100% mpg gain

  5. How many email's do you get from FORD before you get your Maverick?

    Zero emails. Ordered August 2021, delivered April 2022.
  6. Would you buy a sticker/hoodie/coffee cup of your exact make/model?

    I unknowingly bought some stickers and buttons from her previously on RedBubble. Got the XL instead of the XLT but I guess that's on me. Definitely buying more in the future. Here it is on my water bottle:
  7. If You Weren't a Ford Guy/Gal Why Did You Get a Maverick?

    Never bought a new vehicle, truck, nor Ford. Previous car was in the late stages of reliability and as a new homeowner I was looking for a smaller truck like the Tacoma but finding it hard to swallow the initial cost and fuel economy. Maverick answered both of those concerns.
  8. Daverick

    Chicagoland Maverick Club

    @LSchicago I'm at Grand/Harlem on the city-side but I'll keep an eye out for ya since I do a lot of driving through EP and RG.

    For this tank I wasn't driving like i casually would, but rather intentionally aware of optimizing the hybrid system while still just doing normal activities including many short 1-mile trips and a couple times on the highway. (This tank lasted over a month!) Fuel pump calculated 51.2 MPG...
  10. 700+ Miles Per Tank Club

    The sweet spot is 35-45MPH for me. Don't use A/C. Use Normal mode. Moderately accelerate to the speed limit and then focus on coasting with as little throttle as possible to maintain speed. I have a leveling kit and a sport rack installed over my tonneau, so if you're at stock or lowered your...
  11. 700+ Miles Per Tank Club

    Just got my second 700+ tank completed this weekend. Truck calculated it at 53.3 MPG, gas pump calculated at 51.2 MPG: I took it out Friday night for a couple hours and had some amazing fuel economy in that trip: After refueling the truck thinks I'll get 737 on the next tank... Haha, but no...
  12. Looking for fender antenna mount for gmrs

    This isn't my area of expertise but maybe route the coax down through the openings in the bed, go under the truck, and then back up into the cabin somewhere near the glovebox/center console?
  13. Looking for fender antenna mount for gmrs

    Another one attaches by the tailgate https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C4DCHSH1/?coliid=I1LCLACYAQUCCF&colid=2FZOT7UJ2X810&psc=1&ref_=list_c_wl_lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1
  14. Is it a hybrid or an EB?

    Hybrid badge on the tailgate
  15. What will you name your Maverick

    "Spelled thusly, with two Ds, for a Double Dose of his pimping."
  16. Aftermarket window deflectors

    Matte black is solid but they do offer a smoked black which is translucent
  17. FWD Hybrid Lift or Level Kit?

    Rough Country 1" leveling kit installed: 5000+ miles driven so far with no issues.
  18. Maverick Police Truck (With Bull Bar) by San Luis Obispo PD

    Maybe? But this isn't undercover nor an Explorer.