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  1. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    Posting here because I'm looking for a fun conversation and comparison from those who have taken ownership. Me: 2022 Hybrid Lariat Lux Package Took delivery July 2022 Current is 47,000 miles. Roughly 2200 per month. Where are you at?
  2. Where's your PPF located?

    My PPF came only on the hood. Is that the same as yours? When the option was titled "hood/fenders" I expected it to be both. Let me know what y'all have received.
  3. Hard folding tonneau cover not weather proof / waterproof ?

    Hey y'all, I just got my Mav in yesterday and bought the hard folding tonneau cover with it. Issue is, took car through the wash today and the inside of the bed is soaked. Has anyone else purchased this that can tell me if they have experienced the same issues or if the dealership just...
  4. How long from lot to dealer?

    If anyone has any experience: How long has it taken for your vehicle to make the last leg of delivery? My truck is in Chicago area waiting to be put on a truck to come to Iowa. Anyone know how long it took their truck to make that last portion of the trip? Obviously different areas will be...
  5. 36 Weeks Post-Order, Finally In Production!

    I think upon my calculations it's been approximately 36 weeks since ordering and it's finally in production! It has been a wild ride emotionally and we're not quite there yet, but hopefully the next few weeks go smooth. At this point I am wishing I didn't buy the Canyon that I did while waiting...
  6. To Order Ranger?

    So hear me out... I ordered my Hybrid Lariat Lux with SIBL, paint protection, and hard folding August 27/28 (one of those). I know it's going to be A WHILE before getting any build date, if it doesn't get rolled into a '23. And I can't sleep... So I played around and priced out my ideal...