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  1. You CAN install Lariat headlights & tail lights on XL / XLT Mavericks!

    At what cost? Those headlight units are very expensive.
  2. Spray in Bedliner, what happens to the weep holes that allow water to drain out of the bed?

    There are no stupid questions on this forum. Actually, there have been hundreds and hundreds. Don't let that stop you, however.
  3. Why the #!!%$ is Liability Insurance so Costly for the Maverick?

    I used the same agent for many years. He was more than happy to keep me with a higher priced company. When I started looking around I realized there were much better prices out there.
  4. Why the #!!%$ is Liability Insurance so Costly for the Maverick?

    I haven't found that to be the case. As someone said earlier, shop around. Don't get stuck with one vendor.
  5. Upgrading the Maverick B&O Sound System - DIY Howto

    I don't tell myself anything as it has zero to do "age is a state of mind". It has everything to do with loss of hearing fidelity as you grow older. Maybe it won't happen to you, but it does to most of us and spending a bunch of money on sound upgrades would be a waste.
  6. Maverick EV reportedly on hold until early next decade [⚠️ LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    No surprise. People don't want them and companies or losing money on them. Plug in Hybrid is the way to go. The charging infrastructure is still terrible out there.
  7. Keyless entry door keypad,,,

    My daughter has that on her Edge. I like mine better.
  8. Are tailgate assists necessary on an aluminum tailgate?

    It is well worth the price to prevent the tailgate from slamming down if it slips out of your hand. I would consider it a safety issue solved with it's installation.
  9. Deer collision damage results in $6k repair. Insurance lessons learned

    My deer hit cost over $8,000. Both light units had to be replaced.
  10. Lasfit Confusion

  11. Lasfit Confusion

    I sent an email to customer service about the hyper flash and they sent me the lights T3-4257R. They worked for me
  12. Got these bad boys Mabet side marker lights today

    Where is the power coming from?
  13. Lasfit Confusion

    I did the recall Tuesday on my 2022 XLT and got my new bulbs today. I changed them out and hyperflash is gone. I would like to thank Lasfit. I have been using this first set of rear lights for almost two years. I really didn't think they owed me anything but they discounted the new lights by...
  14. Returning my Maverick tomorrow

    20 minutes on the highway was enough. What does that even mean?
  15. Why keyless door entry instead of using app?

    I use mine all the time and find it adds good value to the truck. The app would be a last resort.
  16. Fourteen Below Zero Fahrenheit No Go Maverick Hybrid this Morning

    By golly, there's a record I hope never to approach or see on my truck.
  17. Winter Warning: Do not leave your wipers up when starting

    In Texas, we leave the wipers up in the summer so they won't melt to the windshield.
  18. Headlight Upgrade

    I put 6 of the deer whistles on the front grill after that. Do they work? I have no real idea, but they are cheap enough to try and not very noticeable unless you look for them.
  19. Headlight Upgrade

    Both my headlights had to be replaced after a run in with an wayward deer. They were $1,200 a piece