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  1. Window Sticker?

    My Maverick was built on Dec 13 and shipped yesterday. The window sticker says it hasn't been released yet. I believe it was built before the price increase but I don't know for sure.
  2. Maverick Built, How Long Before Its At The Dealer?

    Anybody have a history with how long it takes for delivery after its built? Thanks
  3. Not Getting Updates On Maverick Special Order

    The last update I got showed the build date getting moved up to the week of Dec. 11th. I don't special order very often but its been at least 45 days since that update. Is this common? Thanks .
  4. New to the forum

    I am an old and my computer skills are lacking. I do have a Ford private offer question. I received a private offer certificate 45 days ago. I have a 2024 Maverick ordered that is due to be built the week of December 11. One of my buddies that works at a different Ford store called me last...