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  1. JLT Performance developing catch can

    Thanks! Yep I am getting about the same on both, maybe a touch more on drivers. I would have used what I had on the shelf too!! But the cupboard was bare.... I have a check valve on the way from UPR for the drivers side, intake pressure seems to be overwhelming the mountune seals a bit, no...
  2. How did you first hear about the Ford Maverick?

    Consumers Reports ran a short article in the November issue, didn't take long to figure out this was exactly what I wanted.
  3. Noisy car phone

    I used a nylon trim tool, wouldn't recommend anything metal with an edge as it would be easy to damage the A pillar. Go slow and it will pop out easy enough. The wiring does not have much slack...
  4. Noisy car phone

    All reports are that call quality is much much better than before. Some roads still kick up a lot of background noise, but even with that my callers hear me clearly. Sound deadening is still on the work list, but has dropped further down in priority.
  5. 🦖 Ranger Raptor Shows Off Its Muscles by Dropping Camo

    Nope. Still doesn't look like it belongs in the Ford Truck lineup. Maverick fits nicely, and comes in enough flavors to satisfy both sides of the aisle
  6. Need some positive stories!

    5100 trouble free miles, averaging 28.5 mpg on the ecoboost. No rattles, no flutter, no sound system problem, nada. Intercepted an inbound dealer order, no deposit just their word and mine. Sales dude texted a picture as soon as it hit the lot, took a 2-hour drive up, 61 minutes from the time...
  7. Automatic license plate cover

    How about a black shower cap over your plate and a remove before flight streamer on your steering wheel as a part of your pre-shoot setup? No wiring needed...
  8. Wiper design Fail?

    I agree, but it's not just human nature, the damn owners manual doesn't warn against this at all. How many "normal" owners are going to be keeping up with NHTSA in general, much less specific to the windshield wipers?? The design is not a problem for me at all, but the lack of info on this...
  9. Harold here

    The run always had a great spread of types of vehicles, I appreciated the craftsmanship and ingenuity across the board. Welcome to the board, hope you enjoy your truck as much as I do mine!
  10. Wiper design Fail?

    Guess I will find out. Zero resistance when you move 'em, wonder if the concern is not putting them back in the "parked" position before operating them? Thanks for the info @Portcqb ! Probably would have been good info in the owners manual
  11. Harold here

    Wow! Rod Run still a thing? If I remember this was the first run of the year and always had a great turnout of excellent rides, so-cal car culture is hard to match. I went from so-cal and all that to a small town of 1300, South of Fort Worth. One stop light, gets real dark and real quiet at...
  12. Harold here

    How big is Temecula now? I lived there from '92 to '02 and she grew from 17,000 to 77,000 in that 10-year span, doubled my money on that little house when I retired from service and came back to Texas. I wonder how many kids are playing in TVSA now, we had a hell of a great association.
  13. Wiper design Fail?

    Yes, this is true. Easy to move into position by hand for servicing or to avoid freezing to the windshield.
  14. Snow in the hood/windshield area.

    The wipers can be moved to any position you want by hand, they move freely.
  15. JLT Performance developing catch can

    Another option that uses the sintered filter, in fact they developed it... Rocket Catch Cans
  16. List the good guy Dealers that charged MRSP and no excessive prep-delivery fees

    Holiday Ford, Whitesboro Texas. MSRP, no ADM or weirdness just TT&L. Held an inbound dealer order with zero down and no paperwork. Entire deal took 61 minutes including the test drive, paperless and smooth as a baby's butt.
  17. JLT Performance developing catch can

    Sure, I will hit ya with a pm on how I did mine, in respect to the OP here is a JLT video on a 2.0 ecoboost install where they bust the intake loose for access, (I did not). JLT builds good stuff too, lots of good choices out there 2.0 eb install
  18. "Built Ford Tough" Fingernail Vs 2022 Maverick XL Hybrid Interior Plastic

    I noticed scuffing there a couple days after I got it home, I cannot find what rubbed it (it's not my seatbelt) but a few applications of Meguirs interior cleaner and it is basically gone. I was thinking maybe something like the floor mats or some such may have rubbed there during its long...
  19. JLT Performance developing catch can

    Pax side to the air inlet piping and valve cover vent, drivers goes to the crankcase vent and lower intake plenum. Base motor runs 2 systems, catching nasties in both cans.......